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Violet was hiding in a warehouse while she checked her surroundings to make sure no one could find her. She couldn't believe what she just witnessed earlier. Her own mother had for some reason gone rogue, and started to eat her family. Her brothers went down like nothing, and even her father was consumed by the ravenous Elastigirl. Violet was only able to escape due to her powers of invisibility, and even then, her mother was probably on the hunt, searching for her, wanting to eat her like she ate the others.
As she checked the windows, something long and stretchy wrapped her from behind, and pulled her up sharply. She struggled around in the grip, and looked up to see her mother, Helen aka Elastigirl, looking very hungry and devious, her belly now small again after digesting her other meals.
Helen: Hello, Violet. Mommy's been looking for you.
Violet tried to use her forcefield to push loose, and all that did was make Helen wrap around her more firmly.
Violet: Stop, Mom! You already ate everyone else! This is too far!
Helen: Awww, are you mad? Mommy was hungry, and villainy turns out to be more fun than being a hero.
Helen wrapped tighter, and Violet felt her forcefield being pushed inwards.
Violet: They were our family, Mom! It wasn't right!
Helen: Oh, poor, sweet Violet. We can always make more, ones who can appreciate our new way of life, and if we get bored of them, they can be food too!
Violet looked in surprise at her mother.
Violet: We?!
Helen: Of course, I saved you for last because I thought you could be turned, and be useful for my rise to power.
Violet: Well forget it, Mom! I won't be a villain!
Helen sighed and wrapped tighter.
Helen: Have if your way, now you'll join the rest of them in making my body longer.
With a great squeeze, Helen caved in the forcefield, and wrapped around Violet, lifting her up to her face. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed Violet's head, moaning at her very sweet, fresh flavor. She shoved her in slowly, making her cheeks stretch and bulge out as she went in, and then she sealed her lips, taking the young woman inside completely. Violet squirmed around, only pleasing Helen with the stretchy sensation of her cheeks bulging, and she lapped back with her long tongue. Violet was definitely the sweetest of her victims, and Helen wished that she could savor her more, but it seemed like she would have to settle for cloning Violet once she was done with her. She knew a guy who could make a perfect copy.
With a big gulp, Helen swallowed Violet whole, and sent her down in a perfectly shaped lump to her belly. She burped loud and rubbed her nice, rounded gut.
Helen: Oh, Violet, if only you could've seen things my way. I'm sure the next few Violets will.
Violet is hunted by the last person she would expect. Definitely not my best, but it was long overdue.
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