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Last Time: The Prey Games introduced a new twist to the mix. Now if a contestant is eaten, they can be brought back if their teammate says so by completing a mini game or getting special food. Leia, Zara and Gwen were all brought back from being eaten by predators in the games.
Two hired predators entered the games, Rita Farr and Shego both went on the hunt for food immediately, and ate Deliah and Jessie.
Mai Valentine and Astrid found a special hideout for them to use for an advantage, and added Misty to their alliance.
Zoey ended up being the first contestant shrunk in the games this season, and now will have a harder time finding a way to bring back her teammate Dawn from the belly of Kaa.
Selena defeated Mars at her own game in a Pokémon battle, despite not exactly playing traditionally, and we have a feeling that her teammate April is not bringing her back.
Who will make it through this chapter of the games?! Can the teammates trust each other in the coming conflict ahead?! Find out in this thrilling chapter!

Zoey clung to a tree while she looked down at a large plant sitting there miserably in the middle of the jungle. It knew she was there, it kept whining to her.
Audrey II: Feed me!
Zoey: No! I'm not going to feed myself to you!
Audrey II: Feed me!
Zoey: Go eat someone else!
Audrey II: Feed me, drama girl! Feed me now!
Zoey: I'll get eliminated!
Audrey II: I'm starving!
Zoey ignored the plant's plea for food, and she walked along the branch. She kept her ears and her eyes open at all times. The jungle was a place for many predators to linger, some were the typical big predators everyone knew about, and others were more musical than them, like Kaa, so if she heard a song playing, she knew to run like hell. She heard a rustling in the leaves below, and looked down to see Suu Lawquane bent over, panting from all the running she was doing earlier.
Zoey: Hey! Suu, is it?
Suu looked around at the sound of the voice, unable to see anyone.
Suu: Who said that?
Zoey: It's Zoey, I've been shrunk!
Suu looked up at the source of the voice.
Suu: Zoey? How'd you get smaller?
Zoey: I got a shrinking lunch. Could you cover me? There's a talking plant that wants me to feed myself to it!
Suu considered this, and she looked back towards the beach area where Deliah was eaten. She figured that at least having company would be fine.
Suu: Okay, come down.
Zoey got down from the tree by pulling off a leaf and using it to float down to Suu, who caught her and put her in her cleavage.
Suu: So, your teammate got eaten too?
Zoey: Yeah. I'm trying to get her back though.
Suu: Me too.

In the underwater dome, Selena pet Zara's head while she sat in the arena, her stomach still growling from a lack of food. She had to wait for dinner, which she hoped wouldn't be long as the sky was already getting darker above the water.
April was pacing around the room, and she looked over at Selena. Even though Selena did eliminate her teammate, she didn't care about that because Mars didn't pull her weight on the team.
April: So, Selena, since I don't have a teammate, and I do have a submarine, do you think we could...?
Selena: No, sorry, but I only have one partner. Three's a crowd.
Selena pet Zara while the submissive assistant laid there for Selena to pet like she was a cat.
April: But I have a sub. All I have to do is get it working and we can move around the sea.
Selena: I think I'm perfectly safe here,
April shrugged and walked away.
April: Alright, suit yourself.
April knew that Selena had immunity for now, but so did she, and she believed that her's would last longer because of her food. She figured that working on her own wouldn't be so bad. She went back to where she docked her sub, and opened up the hatch. She checked everything first to see that it was working properly, and it was working relatively fine. The controls seemed to be fixed by the station, and the fuel tanks were filled up again. She closed up the sub, and she used it to speed away from the dome.

On the space station, Suki and Ty Lee investigated the station, and they were sure to avoid being spotted by predators. They heard movement and were quick to hide, using their abilities of stealth and acrobatics to hide and avoid detection from the rathtar that made its way past them. They both came back from their hiding places and looked at each other.
Suki: I don't think we'll get much done up here. We should go to the main arena.
Ty Lee: Aren't there more monsters down there?
Suki: Well, there are only so many places to hide here. I know we can probably find the escape pods if we split up. Agreed?
Ty Lee: I don't know. When people usually split up, they get eaten.
Suki: You remember that note we got with our lunch? If we're lucky, one of us can get a special meal to return the other if that happens.
Ty Lee shrugged, and then she split up with Suki to go find the escape pods, wherever they were.

Rapunzel and Leia walked into the city together, happy to be united once again in the games. They found a building that looked abandoned and Leia broke in through the window and opened the door from inside. The two princesses walked in and they sat down together.
Leia: We should be safe in here for the rest of the day. As long as none of them have really long tongues for grabbing us.
Rapunzel: It's good to have you back, Leia. I wish I knew who else was still out there though.

Mai was in the arena, looking for another challenge within the city through the duel computer provided to her through the mini game, and she saw something interesting. A woman that she didn't recognize was in the city. She assumed that she was an amateur so defeating her would be easy. She pressed a button that summoned her to the arena, and she got her duel disk ready.
Rita teleported into the arena in her normal size, looking around in confusion, and she saw three women. Two of them were still marked for immunity, but the third, Astrid, was not.
Rita: This is looking so great so far!
Mai: Easy there! Who are you? I don't recognize you from the roster.
Rita turned around, looking back at Mai.
Rita: The name's Rita, sweetie. I'm one of the hired predators for the season!
Mai: Hired predators?!
Rita: Yeah. I'm getting paid to eat contestants! Isn't that fun?
Mai: Well you won't be eating anyone here, I challenge you to a duel!
Rita looked at the spare duel disk and picked it up, putting it on her arm and activating it.
Rita: Okay, I think I'll have fun dueling you!
Mai: And when I win I'll be a little bit richer.
Mai shuffled her deck while Rita looked through a selection screen and picked out her own deck, before she shuffled it together and put it in her duel disk.
Mai: Let's duel!
Mai drew five cards from her deck, and looked at her options.
Mai: I summon my Amazoness Fighter in attack mode!
The Amazoness Fighter appeared in front of Mai and took up a fighting stance.
Mai: And that's all for now!
Rita: Okay, my turn!
Rita drew a card and smiled.
Rita: I play one card face down and summon my Giant Orc in attack mode!
The Giant Orc appeared in front of Rita and raised his bone club.
Rita: Giant Orc, attack Mai's Amazoness Fighter!
The orc rushed forward and smashed Amazoness Fighter with his club.
Mai: Because of my fighter's special ability I take no damage. And unfortunately for you, your Giant Orc switches to defense mode after it attacks!
Rita: Aww, that's right, and he doesn't have any defense points! I guess I'll end my turn and wait for the end!
Mai: At least you admit your defeat.
Mai drew her next card.
Mai: Meet an old favorite of mine! Harpie Lady in attack mode!
Harpie Lady flew into the battlefield and shrieked in excitement.
Mai: Now my harpie, destroy her Giant Orc!
Harpie Lady flew to attack the orc with her claws.
Rita: Looks like you took my bait! I activate Spikeshield with Chain!
Rita activated her trap card, and the orc was now holding a large shield when Harpie Lady struck, knocking her back with the shield, and sending her to the ground.
Rita: My trap card has two effects. It powers up Giant Orc's attack points by 500, and when it's in defense mode, its defense points are powered up by the amount of attack points it has!
Giant Orc's defense points went from 0 to 2700, and Mai's life points dropped from 4000 to 2600.
Mai looked at her hand, she saw that Rita was better than she thought, and she played two cards face down in the field. They weren't much, but at least they would help.
Mai: That's all for me this turn.
Rita drew her next card.
Rita: This is fun! I play Giant Rat in attack mode!
Rita's rat spawned on the field, and growled at the Harpie Lady.
Rita: And I see two face down cards. I hope I have something in my hand for them. Oh yes! Giant Trunade!
Rita played her spell card, and all the trap cards on the field went back to their owner's hands.
Rita: It looks like I'm really good at this game! Giant Rat, attack Harpie Lady!
Giant Rat charged forward and pounced on Harpie Lady, shattering her. Mai's life points dropped from 2600 to 2500.
Rita: Now, Giant Orc, attack Mai directly!
Giant Orc slammed its bone club into Mai and dropped her life points from 2500 to 300.
Rita: If it did have the Spike Shield with Chain, I think it would've won. But oh well, it's in defense mode now. I'll play this card face down and end my turn.
Mai looked at Rita's field, and at her life points. She was just one attack away from losing, but she knew that she couldn't. She hated losing to some nobody, and she was going to bring Rita down. She drew her card and smiled.
Mai: You may not be an amateur, but you still have a lot to learn about the game! I summon Amazoness Swordswoman!
The Amazoness Swordswoman appeared on the field and drew her sword.
Mai: Now attack Giant Orc!
Mai's amazon charged forward with her sword raised.
Rita: Oh, Mai. How disappointing that you fall for the same move twice. I activate Spikeshield with Chain!
Mai: I knew it!
The orc regained its shield as the amazon struck, and Rita's life points dropped from 4000 to 2800.
Rita: What?! Why did my life points just drop?!
Mai: Because my Amazoness Swordswoman has a special ability. Any damage I take in a battle with her, you take instead.
Rita: It can still be destroyed, so once that's done, it shouldn't be a problem beating you.
Mai: Don't push it. I play two cards face down and end my turn.
Rita drew a card, looked at Mai's face down cards, and then at Mai. She only had one monster, and if Rita destroyed it, she could attack her directly. Even if she had face down cards that could delay her, she could still win.
Rita: Okay Giant Orc, let's attack that Amazoness Swordswoman now!
The orc ran forward with its club.
Mai: Activate Mirror Wall! It cuts your monster's attack points in half!
Giant Orc's attack points dropped from 2700 to 1350, and the Amazoness Swordswoman cut the orc in half. Rita's life points dropped from 2800 to 2650.
Rita: I'll switch my Giant Rat to defense mode and play one more monster in defense mode.
Mai drew her next card, and her Mirror Wall was destroyed because she didn't have enough life points to pay.
Mai: I play Pot of Greed, and draw two cards!
Mai drew two cards.
Mai: I summon Cyber Harpie Lady in attack mode!
Cyber Harpie Lady came to the field and smiled at her opponent.
Mai: Now, Amazoness Swordswoman, destroy Giant Rat!
Amazoness Swordswoman cut Giant Rat in half.
Rita: Because of my rat's ability, I can summon another Earth monster from my deck! I choose another Giant Rat!
The second rat appeared on the field.
Mai: Then I'll destroy that one too! Do it, Cyber Harpie Lady!
Cyber Harpie Lady flew forward and sliced the rat to pieces. Rita's life points dropped from 2650 to 2250.
Rita: Now that my second Giant Rat is destroyed I summon Giant Soldier of Stone!
Mai: I end my turn.
Rita drew a card and smiled to herself.
Rita: First, I play Attack the Moon, and switch Giant Soldier of Stone to defense mode! This destroys your face down card!
Mai's face down card shattered.
Rita: Now I summon my Giant Red Sea Snake!
The large red snake appeared on the field and hissed at Mai.
Mai: Go ahead, you'll just get damaged anyway!
Rita: Not if I attack your cyber harpy.
Mai: But their attack points are equal!
Rita: I play Shrink! This cuts Cyber Harpie Lady's attack points in half!
Cyber Harpie Lady shrunk, and her attack points dropped from 1800 to 900.
Rita: Giant Red Sea Snake, it's feeding time!
The snake lunged forward and swallowed the smaller harpy whole. Mai's life points dropped from 300 to 0.
Mai: I lost?! How could I lose like that?!
Rita: I came prepared. Now, I'd eat you after beating you, but unfortunately you are immune, so I can't.
Rita turned to Astrid.
Rita: But I can eat your teammate!
Rita grew to giantess size and stomped forward.
Astrid: What?!
Astrid avoided an attempt by Rita to grab her and ran between her legs to the door.
Mai: Astrid! Don't go out there!
Rita thought about chasing Astrid, but she instead came up with a better plan. She smashed the stone above the exits, caving them in, and she smiled down at Mai and Misty.
Rita: I could chase after her, but I think it would be better if I waited for your immunities to wear off in the morning.
Misty: What if I beat you in a duel?!
Mai: Misty, don't embarrass yourself!

Astrid ran from the arena, only to feel sudden footsteps shake the ground. She looked up and saw the hydra staring her down with a hungry grin.
Astrid: Oh, no!
Astrid ran back in the direction of the arena, but found it blocked off by rubble. She looked back and saw the hydra staring down at her, drooling heavily from its jaws. The beast wrapped its long tongue around her leg and tossed her into the air. Astrid screamed as she fell down towards the hydra's mouth, its massive jaws slamming shut behind her.
The hydra swallowed Astrid whole and let out a loud burp as Astrid landed inside of its stomach.
Inside of the hydra's steamy, slimy stomach, Astrid punched and kicked at the stomach walls, even though that had no effect on the great beast. She was already in its stomach, she had lost the game.

In the underwater dome, Selena looked up eagerly as she and Zara were greeted by boxes of food that came down into their hands.
Selena: Finally! I've been starving thanks to that dragon!
Selena dug into her food, not caring about taking her time, she just wanted something in her belly.
Zara also ate her food rather hungrily, as she was also denied her lunch by the waiting. Hell, she was lunch briefly. She deserved a good meal like this one to fill her stomach and please her tongue. She had no idea how long it would be before she ended up back in the belly of a beast.

April made it to the shore of the beach, where she was surprised to see Shego sitting there, rubbing her full belly.
April: Hey, I don't remember you at the opening ceremony!
Shego turned to the potential snack, but her scanner gave her no results. April was immune, so she couldn't eat her unfortunately.
Shego: Well, I'm not a contestant. I'm a hired predator. I'd have you in my stomach with dear little Deliah here, but apparently I'm not aloud to.
April smiled as she learned her immunity was still in tact, and she exited her sub.
April: Then if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy my immunity.
April walked into the jungle, knowing better than to be around a predator like Shego, she would have to find a good place without predators while she still had immunity, and then she would relax and wait out the rest of the games if she could. She saw a food box fall from the sky and she caught it. She opened up the box and began to eat the food from inside of it, not stopping on her walk.
Shego looked at the sub April left behind, and she smiled to herself. Wherever she came from could have more prey for her to stomach. She couldn't waste an opportunity like this. She more she ate, the more she got paid. Shego entered the sub, and then she piloted it downwards underwater, already knowing that there was an underwater dome, perhaps with some prey inside of it.

In the jungle, Suu and Zoey ate their dinner together, and Zoey, despite her size, was plowing through the platter of food delivered to her, as if she was searching through a hidden prize inside, which she was, hoping to bring back Dawn if she ate enough.
Suu had finished with her food, and when she had, she shrank down to Zoey's size, and looked over at her tiny companion.
Suu: Now I'm small too! 
Zoey: And I don't think Dawn is back. How are we supposed to make it through here at this size? There are predators everywhere!
They looked up to see April moving through the plants, eating as she did, looking like she was in a hurry.
Zoey: Hey! You! We're down here!
Suu: We need help!
April ignored them and moved on.
Zoey: Oh, what's your hurry?!
Suu: Zoey, we are in the jungle, and we are small. Maybe we shouldn't speak so loud.
Zoey and Suu looked around, clinging to each other, as somewhere in the jungle, something was watching them.

Up in the space station, Ty Lee made her way through the halls, on the lookout for monsters, hoping that nothing would sneak up on her. She heard the sound of eating around a corner, and she held perfectly still, hoping that it wasn't Suki being eaten there. She looked over, and she saw Hermione and Gwen eating their food, and she let out a big sigh of relief, one that drew the attention of the witch and the goth.
Gwen: Ty Lee? You're on the station too?
Ty Lee: Yeah. Suki said we should split up to find the escape pods together. 
Hermione: Oh, we found the escape pods just now. We were just having dinner before we left.
Ty Lee: Oh, great! I should go get Suki and tell her!
Gwen: But, there is one thing you should know. We checked out the pods and they are only big enough for one person each. If you go down, you'll still have to wait for the pods to reload.
Ty Lee: Oh. Why are you still here then?
Hermione: Well, we got our food. We needed to eat after everything we went through with the rathtar and the dueling alien.
Ty Lee entered the escape pod right away.
Ty Lee: I'm sure Suki will be fine.
A package of food floated over to Ty Lee and she grabbed it.
Ty Lee: Sweet! Food! At least I know I can eat while I'm down there!
Ty Lee shut the pod and immediately, it fired out of the station, sending her down to the main planet below. As time passed, Ty Lee held onto her food tightly as she saw her pod heading towards the arena. She looked out to get a good view, and she saw her pod approaching a vast body of sand. The pod crashed in the desert, sending up a cloud of sand. Ty Lee waited inside of the pod for a little bit, helping herself to some food, and chowing down on it with no hesitation. When she was all done, she opened up her pod, and took her first steps into the sand, smiling as her feet touched down on actual ground again. Suddenly, a big tentacle wrapped around her foot and pulled her swiftly away. Ty Lee let out a squeak as she soon found herself looking over the mouth of a mighty sarlacc! 
The sarlacc let go of Ty Lee's ankle and she fell right into its open maw, being caught by its beaked tongue, then gulped in by the beast, sent to a complex system below. The sarlacc burped and rested comfortably in its pit for its next catch.
Ty Lee fell into one of the sarlacc's stomach sacks with a plop, and she looked around at her environment, seeing tentacles ready to ensnare her.

Gwen and Hermione finished their food and looked at the reloaded pod when it finally came around for them.
Gwen: Okay, who should go first?
Hermione: You, Gwen. You got eaten, and I think it's only for the best that you get down to the surface right away. I'll stay here for a little bit and try something out.
Gwen: Okay, but don't take too long. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
Gwen smiled before she entered the escape pod and it fired her down to the surface of the planet below. She held down her dinner as best as she could as the pod fell really fast, and made her regret eating before she took the pod. When the pod crashed into the sand below, Gwen immediately jumped out and puked onto the ground.
Gwen: Now I wish I was the one on that station!
Gwen looked around and saw the beach all around her, and saw no one else on that beach. She had the whole place to herself...and the predators.

Mai and Misty sat by nervously eating their meals while Rita watched them, sitting on the duel arena to make sure no one got any ideas about challenging her.
Rita looked at the two women, and thought hard about who she was going to eat first. When morning came she would have to return to the queen to collect her reward, so she had to pounce on them the moment the immunity broke.
Mai ate her food, eyeing the giantess who had beaten her in a duel. She wished that she followed Astrid out, not out of wanting to protect her, but now she was trapped with a giantess who was going to eat her as soon as she was no lower immune.

On a walk, the hydra felt an odd sensation in its stomach as it stomped through the city. It looked down and saw a lump rising from its belly. It spat out Astrid onto the ground, covered in steamy, green slime, and walked right past her.
Astrid pushed herself up off the ground and shook some slime from her arms. She was covered in goop that was starting to make her a little dizzy, but at least she wasn't in the hydra's stomach anymore. She wondered if Mai challenged Rita to a rematch and brought her back, but then she remembered that Mai never saw her get eaten. She wiped the slime from her eyes, and could've sworn she saw a giant golden ball inside of one of the buildings. She shook her head, thinking it was just an illusion from the hydra's slime, but then the ball whispered to her.
Leia: Did you just get out of a predator?
Astrid: Uh, yeah?
Leia poked her head from the huge ball of Rapunzel's hair.
Leia: Me too. Come on in.
Rapunzel poked her own head up from her own hair and waved for Astrid to join them.
Astrid entered the building, and was pulled into Rapunzel's hair, caught off guard by the sudden tug.
Leia: Rapunzel's hair is a good place to hide from predators. I don't think they noticed us.
Rapunzel: Yeah, I probably should've used this ability earlier. Much earlier.
Astrid: Well can it clean off hydra slime? I think I'm seeing three of you.
Rapunzel smiled and used a bit of her hair to wipe the slime from Astrid's face.

Selena stroked through Zara's hair as she relaxed in her lap. She was like a little pet, and Selena found that adorable about her, along with the fact that she was a perfect, delicious distraction for predators. Suddenly, the sound of a sub docking to the dome was heard, and Selena looked up, wondering if that April came back to beg for an alliance again. She was not interested, so she would gladly turn her away again, or beat her in a Pokémon battle, and feed her to whatever was out there. The door opened to the arena, and surprisingly, it wasn't April who walked in, but a much sexier woman, Shego!
Shego: Sweet, two meals for the price of one!
Selena: Excuse me, who says you can eat us?!
Shego: My employer, the queen!
Shego took out her scanner and unfortunately found that Selena was still immune.
Shego: Again?!
She saw that on her scanner, Zara was not immune however, and looked absolutely delicious. She licked her lips, and approached her.
Shego: Come to Shego!
Zara woke up from the loud voices, and looked to see Shego coming towards her.
Selena: Hold on! If you want to eat Zara, why don't you challenge her to a battle?
Selena gestured to the arena around them.
Shego rolled her eyes.
Shego: Fine, whatever fills my belly and pays me well.
Zara: Me? But I only ever played Pokémon Go, and Mystic keeps stealing my gyms in that game!
Selena: Relax, if she beats you, I'll bring you back.
Zara shrugged and she stepped forward. The three Pokéballs were deployed on either side of the battlefield, and were gathered up by the combatants. They each threw one to begin the battle. Shego's Pokémon was a Scizor, but Zara's Pokémon to everyone's surprise was a Wailord. The Wailord landed on the floor with a loud crash, and then everyone saw the dome start to crack around them.
Selena: Oh crap!
Selena ran for where the sub was docked, and Zara followed her, leaving Shego in the arena, her path blocked by the Wailord.
Shego: This cannot be fair!
The Wailord smiled at Shego and opened its mouth wide as if to eat her, but it could not move on the floor, as its flippers didn't quite reach.
Selena and Zara ran to the submarine that Shego had docked there, and they jumped inside, with Selena taking control.
Selena: They really should make their arenas more stable if they want Pokémon that big in there!
Selena launched the sub from the dome, just as the whole thing broke.
Zara could swear she saw Wailord swimming away with Shego in its mouth, fighting desperately not to become prey.

It was night, and Rapunzel watched the sky with Leia and Astrid from their little hideout. It was about time for the results to show up, and sure enough, Claire's voice sounded over the night sky.
Claire: Well done to all of you who made it through the first day of the games. Tomorrow will be a new day, and I assure you, it will also be a challenge. But before you rest tonight, allow me to share a tribute to those who were eaten on this first day, and as of now are out of the competition.
A slideshow was shown in the sky, showing the faces of Dawn, Ty Lee, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Deliah Ketchum, Flannery, Jessie, Harley Quinn, Peach, Rosalina, and Mars.
Claire: Be sure to get your sleep, remaining contestants. I promise you, the day will only get more intense.
Rapunzel sighed and she wrapped up both Astrid and Leia in her hair, as well as herself to get comfortable.
Rapunzel: Well, that was an eventful day. We had a few close calls on that.
Astrid: Too close for comfort.
Leia: I got eaten before I even knew I could come back, but Rapunzel saved me.
Rapunzel blushed, and she closed her eyes.
Rapunzel: Well, tomorrow, we can see how long we last out there with any new predators they have.
The three women all went to sleep in Rapunzel's comfy hair, letting the experiences of the day fade away.

Rita: Okay, it's midnight, time to eat you up!
Rita anxiously grabbed Mai and Misty in either hand, and lifted them up to her face, licking her lips with excitement at both of the squirming chicks.
Rita: As much as I want to savor you, I really am pressed for time. So no time to waste sending you to my belly.
Rita opened her mouth wide and engulfed both women, each one of them making her cheeks bulge, and she licked them around her great maw, savoring the nice, sweet taste of them both. She gulped them both down together, knowing that at any moment, she would be called back to tally her winnings for eating contestants. The double bulge in her throat felt lovely, and she laid back, licking her lips and patting her soft tummy, letting out a really big burp.
Rita: Three out of twenty-four isn't bad. I wonder how Shego did.
Team Princess
Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars (Current Location: House)
Rapunzel from Tangled (Current Location: House)

Team Drama
Zoey from Total Drama (Current Location: Jungle)
Dawn from Total Drama (Eaten by Kaa)

Team Avatar
Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Current Location: Desert) (Eaten by the Sarlacc)
Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Current Location: Space Station)

Team Blonde
Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh (Current Location: City) (Eaten by Rita)
Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon (Current Location: City) (Eaten by Hydra, but later returned)

Team Milf
Deliah Ketchum from Pokémon (Eaten by Shego)
Suu Lawquane from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Current Location: Beach)

Team Gym
Flannery from Pokémon (Eaten by Bewilderbeast)
Misty from Pokémon (Games, not anime) (Current Location: City) (Eaten by Rita)

Team Survivors
Zara Young from Jurassic World (Current Location: Underwater) 
Catwoman from DC (Current Location: Underwater)

Team Redhead
April O'Neal from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Current Location: Jungle)
Mars from Pokémon (Eaten by Colo Claw Fish)

Team Witchcraft
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (Current Location: Space Station)
Gwen from Total Drama (Current Location: Beach)

Small Predators:

Medium Predators:

Large Predators:

Paid Predators:
Rita Farr

Stages: Arctic, Beach, Body Mini-Game, City, Desert, House, Jungle, Space Station, Underwater, Volcano
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