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Last Time: The first night of the Prey Games came to a close, and for some contestants, that meant for good.
Zoey thought she found good luck when she came across Suu Lawquane, but the pink Twi'Lek was shrunk just like her, leaving them both helpless in the jungle, while something waits for the moment to strike.
April O'Neal is playing hard however, using her immunity to work through the games as best as she can, and see if she can outlast the other contestants.
Mai Valentine lost a game of Duel Monsters that she really could not afford to lose to our paid predator Rita Farr, who trapped her and Misty in the arena, and ate them as soon as their immunity expired.
Astrid went on her own, but was instantly caught in the jaws of the hydra, until she was unwittingly freed by Mai's last meal.
Ty Lee and Gwen both finally got off the space station, but sadly, Ty Lee had some bad Ty Food, and thus found out the meaning of "you are what you eat" thanks to a sarlacc. But we think Gwen's okay, for now.
Selena and Zara did have an encounter with our second paid predator, Shego, but thanks to a good selection of Pokémon, Zara was able to escape and not have to fight for her time in the competition anyway.
Now the next day begins for our delicious contestants, and we will see how they all make it through the trials ahead.

Rapunzel woke up that morning to the sunlight shining down through the cracks in her building. She looked over to see Astrid and Leia still wrapped in her hair, and she smiled, deciding to let them sleep for now, though they would probably have to get moving by the time predators got active in the games again. In the mean time, while she waited for breakfast, Rapunzel grabbed a hairbrush, and she ran it through her long hair.

Zoey and Suu wandered through the jungle, unable to get any sleep because they were both tiny, and therefore easy targets in the lush environment.
Zoey: We can't be the only ones in the jungle. There has to be someone big who can help us out.
While she talked, Zoey bumped into something big and blue.
Lizard: Check this out!
Zoey and Suu both looked up in surprise at a large blue and red female lizard, staring at them with her tongue sticking out.
Zoey: Run! It's Tone Lōc!
Lizard: Oh come on!
The lizard slammed her claws down, trapping the mini women between them.
Lizard: I thought I covered this last season, I am not Tone Lōc, I am obviously female!
Zoey: I'm sorry, but nobody even knows that lizard's name, or your's!
Lizard: Whatever, I'm not even going to share the freaking song with you two, I'm just going to eat you!
The lizard grabbed Zoey and Suu, then shoved them both into her big, hungry mouth. Zoey and Suu both fought in the mouth, making it bulge out, before the lizard swallowed them both whole, sending them sliding down her throat, and plopping into her warm stomach. The lizard burped victoriously, and curled up on the ground, having put them in their place for calling her Tone Lōc.

Suki entered a room on the space station in search of the escape pods, but instead she found an arena of some kind, and on one end, she saw Hermione wearing a duel disk.
Hermione: Hello, Suki. I've been waiting for a challenger.
Hermione activated her duel disk, and a second duel disk appeared, waiting for Suki to use it.
Suki: What makes you think I'll accept the challenge?
Hermione: I know where the escape pods are. Beat me, and I'll tell you. Lose, and you'll be eaten by a predator.
Suki knew she had to accept. She grabbed the duel disk and put it on, selecting her deck, shuffling it, and putting the cards into her disk.
Suki: So the winner goes to the main arena and the loser becomes food. I like these odds.
Hermione and Suki drew five cards each. Suki started the duel.
Suki: I play my Celtic Guard of Noble Arms in attack mode!
Suki's elf came to the field wielding two swords.
Suki: Next I play Magical Mallet, and I use it to send any cards from my hand back into my deck in exchange for new ones. And I choose all of my cards.
Suki placed the last three cards of her hand in her deck, and then she drew three more cards.
Suki: I'll use my monster's effect to special summon any Celtic Guard monster from my hand. I play the original Celtic Guardian!
The Celtic Guardian drew his sword as he stood next to the other elf.
Suki: Then I play one card face down, and end my turn.
Hermione drew a card and looked at her hand.
Hermione: I'll set two cards face down, and then I summon Magician's Valkyria in attack mode!
Magician's Valkyria stood on the field ready for battle.
Hermione: Now attack Celtic Guardian!
Magician's Valkeria blasted magic at Celtic Guardian.
Suki: I activate Shift! This changes the target of your attack to another monster!
Valkyria's attack was shifted over to the Celtic Guard of Noble Arms, who rushed at her and sliced her, shattering her. Hermione's life points dropped from 4000 to 3500.
Hermione: My turn isn't over. I play Double Spell. I discard my Magical Contract Door and use a spell card from your graveyard. Magical Mallet. With that card I'll exchange my last card in my hand for another in my deck.
Hermione put her card, Dark Burning Attack back into her deck, and drew another card.
Hermione: My Swords of Revealing Light will stop your attacks for three turns.
Swords made of light came down in front of Suki and held her monsters in place.
Suki: Not like it does much anyway, as long as I have cards in my hand, the Celtic Guard of Noble Arms can't attack. I'll have to fix that.
Suki drew her next card, and she played it on the field right away.
Suki: Graceful Charity lets me draw three cards, then discard two from my hand.
Suki drew three cards and discarded two.
Suki: I've drawn another Celtic Guardian, and Obnoxious Celtic Guard, so I'll special summon them both in defense mode, and just in case, I'll switch my other Celtic Guardian into defense mode before ending my turn.
Hermione looked at Suki's field, seeing that she had four monsters on the field. She drew a card, and played the monster she just drew in defense mode.
Suki drew her next card.
Suki: I play Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy one spell or trap card on the field. The Swords of Revealing Light.
The swords were destroyed by the spell card.
Suki: Now that I got rid of the swords, I'll switch my Celtic Guardians to attack mode. Then I'll use Celtic Guard of Noble Arms to attack your face down monster.
Suki's elf attacked Hermione's face down monster, which turned out to be Clear Kuriboh.
Suki: Now the rest of my guards can attack your life points directly!
The guardians all rushed forward with their swords.
Hermione: I activate Clear Kuriboh's effect from my graveyard! I banish it to draw a card, and if it's a monster, you have to battle it instead!
Hermione drew her card.
Hermione: And the monster I drew is Chocolate Magician Girl!
Chocolate Magician Girl appeared on the field and one of Suki's Celtic Guardians kept attacking her.
Hermione: Her effect lets me special summon another spellcaster from my graveyard when she's attacked, and you have to battle it instead, Magician's Valkyria!
Magician's Valkyria rose from the graveyard and blasted the Celtic Guardian, whose attack points dropped from 1400 to 700 because of Chocolate Magician Girl's special ability. Suki's life points dropped from 4000 to 3100.
Suki: Then I'll end the battle phase right there.
Hermione drew her next card.
Hermione: I use Chocolate Magician Girl's other ability to discard one spellcaster from my hand and draw again.
Hermione discarded her spellcaster and drew another card.
Hermione: And the card I drew is Dark Magic Viel, at the cost of 1000 life points I can special summon a spellcaster from my hand or graveyard. Come back Dark Magician of Chaos!
Hermione's life points dropped from 3500 to 2500 and the Dark Magician of Chaos returned from the graveyard.
Hermione: Dark Magician of Chaos, attack Celtic Guard of Noble Arms!
Dark Magician of Chaos attacked the guard with his staff, shattering her, and dropping Suki's life points from 3100 to 2400.
Hermione: Any monster destroyed by the Dark Magician of Chaos is banished as well. Chocolate Magician Girl, Magician's Valkyria, attack the other two elves!
The two female spellcasters destroyed the remaining guards, and Suki's life points dropped from 2400 to 2000.
Hermione: I end my turn, now it's onto you.
Suki drew her next card and lowered her head.
Suki: It can't help me anyway. I might as well let you finish me off.
Hermione drew her next card and nodded.
Hermione: Dark Magician of Chaos, attack directly!
The Dark Magician of Chaos struck Suki directly, dropping her life points from 2000 to 0.
Suki sighed and she accepted a space helmet offered to her by the arena, putting it on her head as it teleported her out of the station. Suki was sent outside into space, drifting in the darkness, as a large pair of jaws came for her. A space slug engulfed her inside of its massive mouth, and swallowed her whole.

Gwen sat on the beach, watching the sky as an escape pod came down from above, heading towards the jungle. The pod crashed, and she expected that it had to belong to Hermione. She walked into the jungle, hoping that she would definitely find her friend there. She waded her way through large plants, before she found the pod up ahead, and she saw Hermione exiting it.
Hermione: Sorry about the wait. I just had to handle one last thing before I left.
Gwen: Well, you didn't miss much. No one ate me yet.
Hermione looked behind Gwen and saw a large Tyrannosaurus Rex coming into view.
Hermione: Gwen, don't move.
Gwen: There's a predator behind me isn't there?
The T-Rex stomped over, stopping behind Gwen and letting out a growl.
Gwen froze up as the T-Rex leaned in and sniffed her, and she did her best not to move.
Rexy opened her mouth and took Gwen inside, making her and Hermione scream as she tossed the goth into the air, catching her in her jaws, and she swallowed her whole. Rexy looked over at Hermione, then snorted in annoyance as she couldn't eat her because of her immunity.
Hermione took her moment to run from the T-Rex, knowing that it had now been the second time her friend was eaten. She could bring her back though, she knew she could.

April walked through the city, and was pretty exhausted from her walk. She had not stopped once since she arrived on the beach, and she had made it all the way through the jungle, much to the disappointment of the predators who wanted to eat her, and she was sure she was still immune. If she weren't, she would probably have a ton of predators on her trail. Speaking of predators, she saw a few on the way like the Hydra, but it paid her no mind because of her immunity. She felt secure, but then, the Hydra looked up at the sky, as a light shined down and then it teleported away.
April looked on in confusion as the Hydra teleported away, and then she felt someone tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw to her surprise, She-Hulk, standing right behind her.
She-Hulk: Time's running out.
April: Ah! She-Hulk! You're not a contestant!
She-Hulk: That's right. I'm the veteran predator.
April backed up with a nervous smile.
April: Well, it's a good thing that I have immunity then.
She-Hulk: You see, the funny thing about immunity. It doesn't matter to a veteran predator.
She-Hulk grabbed April and stripped her clothes right off, as the redhead screamed out in surprise. She-Hulk lifted April to her mouth, which opened incredibly wide, and she stuffed her inside entirely, moaning at the wonderful flavor of the woman. Her green cheeks bulged out with the struggles of her prey, and she took an amazing big gulp, swallowing her whole like it was no problem, despite what the size of the lump in her throat said. With April tucked away and squirming in her belly, She-Hulk cracked her knuckles and she moved through the city. Since she had been watching the games the whole time, she knew where everyone currently was.
Rapunzel kept brushing her hair thoroughly as she waited for breakfast to come, and she heard footsteps outside. They were too soft to belong to a monster, so she looked excitedly for a person to come along, and of course she saw She-Hulk, licking her lips and rubbing a full, green belly.
Rapunzel: Uh oh.
She-Hulk rushed forward, lifting up the long haired princess, and tearing her clothes off. She shoved her into her mouth, and started to eat her as she screamed and fought against the green cheeks.
Rapunzel's screams woke Leia and Astrid, and when they saw that She-Hulk was standing before them with full cheeks and their friend's long, blonde hair sticking out of her mouth, they both tried to get up and run, but She-Hulk used the hair to trip them both and wrap them up.
She-Hulk swallowed sweet, delicious Rapunzel whole, and sent her down to her belly to join April. Then, she started to slurp the hair up like a big, long noodle, while Leia and Astrid were unable to escape, first, Leia was sucked up into She-Hulk's mouth, and swallowed whole very swiftly. Astrid soon followed after the slurping reached her, and once she was gulped down, She-Hulk merely slurped up the rest of Rapunzel's hair and let out a mighty, earth-shaking burp. Her stomach was huge and beautiful, lumps forming from the struggles of her well-deserved meals. She had just eaten four women, and all she had to do was eat two more. Then the games would have their winner.

Hermione walked through the jungle, in search of food that could help bring back Gwen. She couldn't believe she let her down twice. She needed a way to get her back. As she was making her way around, she bumped into something big and green and fell down to the floor. She looked up ahead to see what it was, and there was no mistaking that it was a belly, the belly of the sexy, powerful She-Hulk, who licked her lips at her.
She-Hulk: Hello, Hermione.
She-Hulk opened her mouth wide and engulfed Hermione inside all at once, making her yell out in surprise as she is completely in She-Hulk's mouth, crammed in and being licked by her green tongue. She-Hulk swallowed her whole, and giggled to herself, as Hermione's hair tickled the inside of her throat. She let out a huge burp again, sending Hermione's clothes flying from her mouth and destroying them too.
She-Hulk: Mmmmmmm, now I just have two contestants left. Which one should I eat?

On the beach, Selena and Zara sat together, with the submarine pretty much useless without a station under the sea to go to. The two of them decided to wait at the beach, not knowing of any nearby predators. They just sat there and soaked in the sun while the water washed over their beautiful pale bodies, until of course their view was blocked out by something big and green.
Selena: Excuse me, move your big...! Oh!
Selena saw She-Hulk was towering over them, licking her lips very mischievously, patting the massive belly gained from eating so many contestants.
Zara also looked up to see She-Hulk, and she tried to get up to run, but She-Hulk grabbed her and licked her delicious nude form.
She-Hulk: If I must choose between one of you to be my last meal in the games, I want the infamous Zara Young as my prized meal!
Selena smiled and she watched She-Hulk engulf Zara in her mouth, and her teammate fought against the green cheeks, trying to escape her lips.
Zara: No! I'm so close! Don't eat me now!
She-Hulk just slurped Zara back into her mouth, moaning with delight from how wonderful the woman tasted.
Selena watched, glad she chose to bring Zara back when she did. Now, Zara's infamous flavor is what kept She-Hulk distracted.
She-Hulk swallowed Zara whole after she was done with her fun, and she licked her lips, before she let out a huge burp that sent Selena flying back into the water.
She-Hulk: Mmmmmmm, such a delicious conclusion to the season.

Selena teleported into the main room from before they were sent away into the arena. She stood up and received much applause from the crowd, and smiled to herself. She had won the Prey Games.
Ahsoka: Congratulations are in order, Selena. You've won the Prey Games.
Ahsoka hugged Selena and made her purr as she pet her head too.
Ahsoka: As a reward, you will get a substantial cash prize, as well as a vacation to an island I own. And, I will eat you personally.
Selena smiled and she happily accepted a check presented to her by the winner of the previous games, Anna.
Ahsoka: Now, I must eat.
Ahsoka used the Force to strip Selena of her cat suit, and she opened her mouth wide, engulfing her beautiful head, and lunging forward, engulfing more of Selena by the second, earning applause from the massive crowd, excited to see Ahsoka eat. She lapped at Selena's boobs, playing around with them using her tongue, and she tilted her head back, gulping down her big rack, and slurping in her thin belly. Soon, only her waist and below remained out, and Ahsoka wasted no time in taking her butt into her mouth, and slurping down the long legs of her beautiful meal. She gave her feet a parting lick, and swallowed them down too. With a mighty burp, and a rub of her sexy orange belly, Ahsoka now had the great Catwoman in her stomach.
Selena smiled to herself and curled up in the comfortable stomach around herself. She had won, and she was going to enjoy her victory.
It's the final chapter of season 2! And we will finally see who will stand victorious at the end of these games! Sorry if these games were too short, I promise I will try to make next season longer.

Team Princess
Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars (Current Location: House) (Eaten by She-Hulk)
Rapunzel from Tangled (Current Location: House) (Eaten by She-Hulk)

Team Drama
Zoey from Total Drama (Current Location: Jungle) (Eaten by singing lizard)
Dawn from Total Drama (Eaten by Kaa)

Team Avatar
Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Eaten by the Sarlacc)
Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Current Location: Space Station) (Eaten by space slug)

Team Blonde
Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh (Eaten by Rita)
Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon (Current Location: City) (Eaten by She-Hulk)

Team Milf
Deliah Ketchum from Pokémon (Eaten by Shego)
Suu Lawquane from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Current Location: Jungle) (Eaten by singing lizard)

Team Survivors
Zara Young from Jurassic World (Current Location: Beach) (Eaten by She-Hulk)
Catwoman from DC (Current Location: Beach) (WINNER: Eaten by Ahsoka)

Team Redhead
April O'Neal from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Current Location: City) (Eaten by She-Hulk)
Mars from Pokémon (Eaten by Colo Claw Fish)

Team Witchcraft
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (Current Location: Jungle) (Eaten by She-Hulk)
Gwen from Total Drama (Current Location: Jungle) (Eaten by T-Rex)

Small Predators:
Singing lizard

Medium Predators:

Large Predators:
Space slug
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Veteran Predators:

Stages: Arctic, Beach, Body Mini-Game, City, Desert, House, Jungle, Space Station, Underwater, Volcano
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