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Welcome fans, to another bio for the third Prey Games. Here, we will be talking about the sixth and final arena, a cold, desolate land, the arctic.

The Arctic
A land covered in snow and ice, a land that most of our contestants want to get out of immediately, or else be frozen, and not like the awesome movie, literally frozen. There are tunnels that you can find beneath the snow if you want to go someplace warmer, but if the cold doesn't bother you anyway, then how about you meet the predators there?

Alolan Ninetails
Class: Small
Origin: Pokémon (Alola)
Type: Ice / Fairy-type Pokémon
While Ninetails is usually a Fire-type, this breed of Ninetails is cooler, and fluffier than its predecessor. She would give you something soft to lay against, and while you enjoy her fluff, get ready to go into her belly, because that's one place she has in mind for you to get warm.

Class: Medium
Origin: Legend of Korra
Type: Polar bear dog
Naga may be big, and adorable, but like many predators in the games, that is an act to get you to lower your defenses and become a nice doggy treat! When this big puppy wants to play, it definitely means to play with its food, and that is you, so there you have it.

Class: Medium
Origin: Star Wars
Type: Big freaking snow monster
The wampa is a big furry creature that you definitely don't want to see or smell in the wilds. It will take you back to its cave and get you ready for consumption whenever it's hungry, so you better hope that it isn't.

Class: Medium
Origin: Star Wars
Type: Big snow cat
The narglatch may be easier to domesticate than the wampa, but that doesn't mean it's less likely to eat you, plus, this thing is faster. While wampas have big freaking claws, these things can chase you down through the snow in packs and one of them shall have you for dinner!

Class: Veteran
Origin: Frozen
Type: Disney Queen / Master of ice magic
In the past, veteran predators are usually a last resort, this season, it is different. Elsa, the beautiful and powerful snow queen is fully capable of having herself a nice selection of meals. While she will mostly stick to her ice palace, she will take any opportunity to have her bodyguard, Marshmallow bring you back to her so that she can eat. While at first, she will be limited to her region in the arctic, the audience can unleash her when the time is right, and she will be able to cross over into the other arenas. No one can escape Elsa, her mastery of ice magic has grown powerful over the years, it flurries through the air into the ground, her soul is spiraling in frozen fracktles all around, and one thought crystallizes like an icy blast. In other words, if you're doomed to be her food, try and get her to sing, she has a beautiful singing voice.

So there you go, our predator selection for the arctic arena, and of course, a look at our veteran predator.
A look at our final arena, the arctic.
AlexMerari Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017
how does this work? And does it include digestion because I love digestion 
AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017
I left a whole journal on the game mechanics. And no, there is no digestion.
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