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Welcome back to another arena bio for the third Prey Games. Today, we will be talking about the beach / ocean portion of the games.

Beach / Ocean
The beach is located on the eastern side of the arena, a landscape of sand expanding for miles along that whole side, with the jungle just behind this paradise of land. Everything else is surrounded by a vast ocean, from which our predators will spawn, and if you think it's safer to stay on land, you would be wrong. Most of these creatures have the ability to come to the surface, so either way, you will find yourself face to face with some of them at some point. But don't worry, underneath the sea is a large safety dome, but that is so far beneath the surface that you probably wouldn't make it in time. We also have two person boats with diving suits to reach this dome, if you know where it is of course. Now, onto our predators.

Class: Medium
Origin: Pokémon (Hoenn)
Type: Water-type Pokémon
A beautiful, but hungry predator of the deep. Milotic is the kind of predator that will lure you in before it eats you. The Milotic we have will likely try to sing you to sleep and then eat you very, very slowly.

Class: Small
Origin: The Little Mermaid
Type: Evil octopus lady
A sea witch that is about ready to drag you down to the depths and have you with shrimp sauce. Ursula is as diabolical as she is powerful, and in the games, she is ready to unleash her magic. However, by the off chance Ursula offers you a deal, it will come at a big cost, and she is likely going to try and screw you over anyway.

The Serpent's Pass Serpent
Class: Large
Origin: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Type: Giant sea snake
Guarding the path called the Sepent's Pass, this creature is the reason that no one wants to go that way. It's incredibly massive and territorial, meaning that if you do end up in its path, it will act out of self defense and that will not be fun, unless you did it on purpose. You would lose either way.

Class: Large
Origin: Jurassic World
Type: Prehistoric aquatic reptile
Crowds roar when the Mosasaurus eats, and believe me, it is a massive spectacle. This creature makes a great white shark look like a sea bass, and not even the Indominus Rex could escape its jaws when it came out to eat. With two massive sets of teeth, and a powerful tail, you shouldn't go swimming with this fish, especially if you're recurring contestant Zara, this Mosasaurus wants you the most.

Class: Large
Origin: Moana
Type: Giant crab monster
Well, Tamatoa's no drab little crab anymore. Impressively strong, and covered in a tough shell of shiny treasure, Tamatoa is a predator that loves himself, and puts on a show whenever he can for his guests, which may include a really catchy song. But nevertheless, Tamatoa will come for you if you have anything shiny on you, and he will add it to his collection once he is done with you. The least you can do is let him know if you liked the song.
A good look at the classic beach land.
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