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Welcome again fans to another Prey Games bio, or should I just quote the song and say "welcome to the jungle?" That is the arena we are covering in today's bio, so sit back and enjoy the most infamous of Prey Games arenas!

The Jungle
Possibly the most iconic field we've had the pleasure of working on in these games, the jungle takes up a majority of the map, and houses some of our most beloved predators. This season, we have had the jungle upgraded to include prey traps, from hidden pits, to nets, to cages, these traps are bad news for anyone unfortunate enough to fall in them. But of course, it's not all a trap, do enjoy the scenery it has to offer, like the magnificently big trees, the swamp, and so these hungry predators that want you in their bellies. Okay, not as enjoyable when it costs you the game. Let's begin.

Class: Large
Origin: Jungle Book 2016
Type: Giant python
Kaa is a predator you simply can't say no to, because she will literally make it so you can't say no! Kaa's massive size and even bigger appetite make her the perfect hunter, but her true talent is her influence over her prey. Kaa uses her hypnotic gaze and seductive voice to put her victims in a trance, and make them more compliant when she wraps them in her coils, and swallows them whole. If that doesn't work, she has a song that will most likely turn you on when she sings it.

Class: Large
Origin: Jurassic Park films
Type: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Sixty-five million years ago, the T-Rex ruled the Earth, and now through InGen science, it was brought back to life, starting with Rexy. Rexy is a true hunter, with her powerful body, bite force, and a roar that will both excite you and drive fear into you, and in the jungle, she retains her status as queen. Run into Rexy, and you're mostly guaranteed to end up in her stomach.

Class: Medium
Origin: Pokémon (Kalos)
Type: Dragon-type Pokémon
Goodra may be friendly, but don't be fooled when you see it in the jungle. This Pokémon just likes to play with her food before she eats it. Goodra's entire body is covered in thick slime that will cover you completely when it goes in for one of its signature hugs, and then, it is just marinating you for the main course. Trying to run? I don't think so, Goodra probably already has a plan for that with those stretchy tails on its head.

Class: Small
Origin: Lion King
Type: Lioness
Ever tried to pet a lioness in the wild? Don't do that, it usually never works out. But just because Nala can talk, doesn't mean that she's any less likely to eat you. In fact, she's more likely to eat you when she finds you in the jungle. Her hunting tactics involve a lot of pinning, so do not confuse that with mating, try to get away as safely as possible.

Class: Medium
Origin: How to Train Your Dragon
Type: Deadly Nadder dragon
Stormfly may not be the biggest dragon, but she makes up for it by being as deadly as possible, don't worry, she's well trained. Stormfly can breathe fire of course, but, given that it's a jungle location, we had to put an automatic rain feature in at the first sign of any fire. But still, she can still use the spikes on her tail to pin you to a tree with perfect accuracy, that is if you aren't in her blind spot.

There you go, that is the jungle, and though a lot of things change throughout the years, thankfully some stay the same. I wouldn't give up this arena any day.
A good look at the iconic jungle stage of the games.
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