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Welcome back fans, to another bio for the Prey Games, where we will be looking over the environments, and predators of the upcoming third Prey Games. While we still wait for the other arenas to be filled with their predators, let's take a look at the space station.

The Space Station
The space station is located above the main map, floating off above the station, and housing those who spawn up there, along with the predators specific to the environment. The space station is equipped with escape pods meant to send contestants down to the surface, but we have no way for contestants to get from the main arena to the station, so most of the contestants won't see it, but those that do will find that the station is surprisingly big, with rooms containing helpful items, others various predators, some waiting to be released, or already on the hunt.

Class: Small
Origin: Men In Black II
Type: Alien plant woman
Serleena is a mistress with a great hunger for other sentient species, like humans. While she is in the form of a beautiful human woman, she still will swallow her prey whole, and use her plant tendrils to ensnare and trap her opponents. If able, she will go into a larger predator and become them to get the job done. Don't worry, she's being watched closely to make sure it doesn't come to that.

Class: Medium
Origin: Transformers: Prime
Type: Decepticon
Airachnid is a spider-like predator who makes species become endangered when she starts to hunt them. She can hunt her prey on two legs, or six long spider legs, and she can also transform into a helicopter for a faster approach. If that wasn't enough, Airachnid uses strong webs to trap her prey, and can use her acid spit to get to them easier. Have we forgot to mention that she's now an energon vampire?

The Audrey II
Class: Medium
Origin: Little Shop of Horrors
Type: Giant carnivorous plant
This thing is a mean, green, mother from outer space, and it's bad! No matter how catchy the song is, do not feed it! I repeat, do not feed it all night long! Because if you feed it, it will grow up big and strong! We have the plant started at a manageable size, but will grow bigger and more independent the more it eats. Also, helpful tip, do not let it interact with Serleena, that will not end well for the contestants!

Class: Large
Origin: Star Wars universe
Type: Huge reptilian monster
The biggest creature we have on the station. It has to be kept in its own dungeon down at the bottom level of the station. It sounds easy to avoid, but it's not. There are trapdoors hidden in certain places across the space station, and should you happen to accidentally step on one, you will find yourself face to face with the rancor. There is very little chance of escape when it sets its sights on you.

Class: Medium
Origin: Pokémon (Kanto)
Type: Poison-type Pokémon
Muk, a giant purple blob of...well, you know...its name spelled backwards. Muk may be fun, but it is also hungry. Chances are that when it finds you, when it wants to give you a big hug, that is likely just to get you to lower your guard so it can lay its body on you, weakening you before it swallows you whole. Because of how its gooey body is made, it is not the kind of predator you can escape by going into another room, it will squeeze through and keep going after you. So Muk is the hardest predator to escape on the space station.

Well, there is everything you need to know about the space station. If you want to see the other stages described, please submit entries for predators and prey for the competition.
A look at the space station and the predators inside.
Don't forget to submit predators for the other four arenas waiting. The jungle, the beach, the city, and the arctic.
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