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In the waiting room, twenty-four women stood by as they awaited the big announcement of the competition ahead. The 3rd Prey Games. There was a good amount of returning contestants from previous seasons, but also a healthy supply of new faces. At the end of these games, twenty-three of them would be eaten by the predators of the arena, and one would stand victorious.
Many of the women already knew each other like Rapunzel and Samus, who happened to be lovers thanks to their time together in another competition, as the two of them were making out in the middle of the room. However, new players like June, Sky, and Megara were setting eyes on this for the first time, and mostly not knowing what exactly to expect. In truth, none of them knew what was ahead, for these games would be different.

The stadium was filled with excitement and applause as Ahsoka rose from her throne overlooking the audience ahead. She appeared on every TV screen in the arena as she made her opening announcement to her fans and worshippers.
Ahsoka: Welcome back to another amazing, exciting season of the Prey Games! Here, twenty-four delicious women will enter the arena, and try to keep from being eaten over the course of a few days, with our big roster of predators looking for delicious meals! Now, meet the lovely ladies who you can expect will be in a belly very soon.
The massive gates to the arena opened up, and the crowd watched for the contestants to come in.
Rapunzel and Belle walked into the arena first as Team Princess, waving to the crowd as they were applauded by them.
Bridgette and Sky walked out together confidently as Team Drama, looking at their audience with big smiles.
Peach and Rosalina blew kisses to the audience as Team Mario, confident that they looked cute.
Mallow walked in holding Toph's hand while the blind girl did nothing as Team Earth. Mallow was pretty concerned.
Misty and Katara walked out as Team Water, looking very happy with all of the praise showered down onto them.
June Darby and Sierra made their entrance as Team Prime, doing cute poses for their fans.
Clair and Whitney stood powerfully as Team Johto, feeling no need to bring more attention to themselves, they knew who they were.
Zelda and Megara walked in, shaking their butts a little with the steps they took as Team Damsel. Though Megara seemed less amused with the name than Zelda.
Asami and Gwen Stacy entered as Team Girlfriend, searching the crowd for their loved ones.
Flannery walked out, carrying Zara on a silver platter as Team Hot Food, and Zara was eating the apple that was put into her mouth before she was sent out.
Zara: I get it, I'm delicious.
Helen and Marinnete did some flips into the arena as Team Stretch, obviously showing off their athletic abilities.
Samus made an explosive entrance in her armored suit, earning a huge uproar from the crowd. She rolled in and fired up a few shots with her arm cannon, while looking over to Rapunzel, and giving her a wink under the helmet. Jazz Fenton walked in behind her and shyly waved after her teammate set the scene. They were Team Plasma.
Ahsoka: You all look delicious. Welcome to the Prey Games. Before I send you into the arena, do you have any questions?
There was silence from the contestants, indicating that they had no questions.
Ahsoka: Then please place your weapons on the tray, and let us begin.
Two women pushing a tray along went to all of the contestants, and waited for them to put any weapons they had on it.
Rapunzel placed her frying pan on the tray first. Rosalina gave her wand away to the women. Mallow, Misty, Clair, Whitney and Flannery all set their Pokéballs down. Katara handed over her water skin. Zelda set down her bow and arrows. Asami put her gauntlet on the pile. Marinette handed over her yo-yo and earrings. Finally, Samus stripped out of her armor, leaving her in her Zero Suit, then she pulled out her blaster and jet boots, setting those on the pile. When she was given a look from the women holding the tray, Samus sighed and took out more of her concealed weapons, like a few grenades, hidden pistols, knives, even what looked like a lightsaber. She set a huge pile of weapons on the tray and patted herself down to make sure she didn't forget anything. However, Samus still received the gaze from the other contestants, who knew that she could still be hiding something, so she stripped out of her Zero Suit, showing off that hot body in her blue bikini, and she tossed the clothes on the pile.
Samus: Satisfied?
Rapunzel: Almost!
Everyone turned to Rapunzel who blushed in embarrassment and hid in her hair.
Ahsoka: Alright, Eris, take it away.
Eris the goddess of discord came into view, towering over all of the women with her magnificent blue body.
Eris: You are about to be teleported to the games, but before you go, fair warning. There are a few differences that you will encounter that haven't quite been in the other games. Just so you know.
Misty: Wait, differences? What...?
Eris snapped her fingers and everyone was teleported away on the giant teleportation pad beneath them.
Eris: I don't want to give away the surprise.
A big timer appeared on the screen starting at 10:00, and then it began counting down.

Rapunzel and Belle found themselves on the beach, feeling their feet digging into the sand, going between their toes. They saw and heard the water crashing to the sore in nice waves, and could smell the trees behind them.
Rapunzel stepped forward, taking in the scenery, and going to the edge where the water met the sand and washed over it, wetting her feet with a cool sensation. Rapunzel let out a happy sigh, and she looked around, before walking along the beach.
Rapunzel: Samus?! Are you here?!
Belle looked around, and saw no one, only an expanding beach.
Belle: I don't think she's here. Do you think we should go find someplace safe, like a high ground, or a boat of some kind?
Rapunzel: I think you should get on that. I should look around first.
Rapunzel walked on the beach, her blonde ponytail blowing in the wind.
Belle watched her go and of course looked around the shore. Knowing the games, the head start wouldn't last long, so she needed a way for her and Rapunzel to make it through the games. She walked in the opposite direction as Rapunzel, knowing that it was a good idea to cover more ground. If Rapunzel found something good, she would come back. If Belle found something good, she would tell Rapunzel.
Further along the beach, Zara stood frozen stiff as she looked out at the ocean. The location was all too familiar to her. Her old friend, the Mosasaurus had to be in those waters, just waiting for a good time to make her a snack like old times.
Zara: Oh, hell no!
Zara turned around and walked to the jungle.
Flannery saw her teammate heading there and rushed over to her.
Flannery: Zara, wait! We shouldn't split up, plus, the beach looks the safest place. I don't see any place where a predator could be hiding.
Zara: They're in the sea of course, and I know that a certain sea beast is eyeing me from the water, just waiting for the head start to end so that she can jump out and eat me! I'm not starting the games like this. I'll take my chances in the jungle!
Flannery grabbed Zara's hand.
Flannery: Oh, come on. You're more likely to find a predator in there than out here.
Zara: I'll risk it. You coming?
Flannery sighed and shook her head.
Flannery: I don't know. I think...
Zara: Well, if you ever change your mind, I'll be up a tree.
Zara entered the jungle, already pushing her way past large plants as she crossed over to the other stage.
Flannery sighed and she sat down.
Flannery: I'll see you when I have to bring you back from defeat then.

Bridgette and Sky took a look around to see themselves surrounded by tall buildings, abandoned cars, and rubble everywhere. It was the city stage alright.
Bridgette: Awww, I wanted to have the beach stage! I was hoping I could catch some waves.
Sky: Yeah, there could be something in that wave. I'm fine with this.
Bridgette looked over at her teammate, and walked around the city.
Bridgette: So, what kind of creatures do you think they have in this city? Aliens? Zombies?
Sky: I hope not zombies. Sounds like a gross predator to me.
Bridgette: So, you were in season six of Total Drama?
Sky: Yeah, I won that season.
Bridgette: That's great! I came in...tenth...then next season I was...last...but after that I came in...sixteenth.
Sky: Awwww, don't feel bad, Bridgette. Your time is coming.
Bridgette stood there for a moment, watching Sky walk off. She took a deep breath and let it out.
Bridgette: Don't freak out. She's on your team.
Sky: What was that?
Bridgette: Nothing!
Bridgette laughed nervously and kept walking with Sky through the city.
Bridgette: If we go in a building, we'll probably avoid the bigger predators.
Sky looked over at the buildings and shrugged.
Sky: Seems kind of obvious. Plus, some of these buildings aren't exactly stable.
Sky looked and saw a fire escape on one of the buildings.
Sky: Let's find the high ground, and get a better view up there.
Sky took Bridgette by the hand and walked with her towards the fire escape building.
Asami and Gwen were both already lost in the streets of the city, but not because of the map, but because of Eris's parting words.
Asami: What do you think Eris meant by "differences"?
Gwen: I don't know. I've never been in this competition before, but I don't think even returning members will see it coming.
Asami's eyes fell to an abandoned car, and she walked over to it, lifting the hood.
Asami: Just as I suspected, no battery.
She looked around at the other cars and lifted their hoods one by one, finding no battery in any of them.
Gwen: I don't think that they would want us to have a car in the games. It's less entertaining for us to escape predators.
Asami: Well, the goal is to last long, so what's wrong with a little advantage? Let's go find a car shop and see if I can get it a new battery.
Gwen watched as Asami walked off, liking her determination.

Peach and Rosalina looked around the stone structures of the temple they had arrived at. They saw the jungle surrounding them, and assumed that was where they were.
Peach: Well, this looks new.
Rosalina: But we did only just see the stomach of a giantess, and then a rancor last time we played. So anything is new really.
Peach smiled and she looked at the temple ahead.
Peach: Well, I think someone likes us for putting us so close to the safe house. Let's go in.
Rosalina: Okay.
The two blonde princesses rushed inside of the temple, cheerily humming as they entered in through the wide stone entrance that was shaped like a mouth. They were standing in the middle of a large stone room, with cave drawings etched on the walls depicting various creatures.
Peach: Hey, that one looks like Palutena!
Rosalina: Yes, she does!
The girls looked at the drawing, which indeed was detailed to look like the goddess from Super Smash Bros Wii U.
Peach: It's a shame she's not competing. I would so enjoy her company right now.
Elsewhere in the temple, Helen and Marinette had spawned in the halls, and were searching around the many paths for a way out. Helen's stretchy powers came in handy in looking around corners for threats or dead ends.
Marinette was using her phone as a flashlight. They had to get rid of their weapons, they said nothing about cell phones, so she kept her's, and she was glad that she did.
Marinette: Anyone else getting the feeling that we're in the Temple of Doom?
Helen: We're not. I don't think they'd let us in a place where someone got their heart ripped out.
A sound echoed through the halls, it sounded like some kind of growl, and Marinette was looking around with her phone light.
Helen: It's just the wind. They're supposed to give us a head start. How much time passed since we arrived?
Marinette looked at her phone to check the time.
Marinette: Oh, we have time, but I would very much like to get out of here before time runs out. That movie is not something I want in my head when I'm in an actual temple.
Helen shook her head, and she moved on.
Helen: Aren't you a superhero?
Marinette: Yeah.
Helen: You'll be fine if we run into an evil cult.

Toph: I can't stand how cold it is on my feet!
Mallow and Toph were in the arctic, up to their knees in snow, and Mallow was looking around very curiously.
Mallow: You know, I've never actually been to the snowy parts of Alola. This is kind of cool.
Toph: Well with all this snow and ice, I can't even feel any rock!
Mallow: Do you want to go somewhere else?
Toph: Yes!
Mallow shrugged and she moved off with Toph, going through the cold snow with her, and seeing how cold she was.
Mallow: How come you aren't wearing any shoes?
Toph: Because shoes suck!
Mallow stood in silence for a moment before they kept walking through the snow.
Mallow: That's good to know.
Meanwhile, Clair and Whitney looked around the snowy field, scanning for a good way out. Thankfully it wasn't snowing, so they only had the snow surrounding their legs to worry about.
Whitney: If only I had Miltank with me, she would roll right through the snow.
Clair: I doubt Dragonair would appreciate being out in this weather.
Clair spotted something in the distance, something very large, and made of ice, and yet, expertly crafted as if by an artist.
Clair: Does that look like some kind of palace to you?
Whitney looked where Clair was pointing, and she nodded her head.
Whitney: You're right, it does! Maybe it's some kind of shelter from predators! Quick, let's check it out!
Whitney cheerfully ran through the snow, heading for the ice palace, with Clair following behind at a much more calm pace.

Misty and Katara looked out the window of the space station they were orbiting, and down to the planet below.
Katara: Look at all of that water I can't bend. This has to be some kind of well thought out prank, to let benders in the games, but take bending out of it.
Misty: There's got to be some way to get down there. I don't want to be stuck up here the whole time the games are going on.
Misty went to the door and opened it up, walking out into the hallway.
Misty: I heard that people escaped this place by using escape pods. So we got to go find those escape pods.
Misty ran off, and Katara followed behind her.
Katara: I don't know if we should just rush into it.
Misty: They give us a ten minute head start. It's the only time to rush.
Katara shrugged and she followed Misty, hoping the gym leader didn't get herself eaten.
Samus and Jazz were already on the move, with Samus rushing through the halls in search of her dear Rapunzel.
Samus: Rapunzel?! Rapunzel?!
Jazz: I wouldn't shout in the halls.
Samus: If anything tries to eat me, I'll beat the crap out of it. I'm going to find Rapunzel, and if she's not here, I'm getting off this station.
Jazz watched on impressed at Samus's determination. So far this woman was hardcore, with her huge explosion to introduce herself, her many concealed weapons, and now she was walking through a space station in only a bikini with no weapons whatsoever, and she believed that she would emerge victorious.
Jazz: So, you and Rapunzel. What is that like?
Samus: I'll tell you when we find her.
Samus opened a few doors and checked inside, finding no Rapunzel, so she kept moving.
Jazz did her best to keep up, but Samus was too fast for her to really keep up with for that long, so she stopped and panted to catch her breath, going into one of the rooms to lay down.

June and Sierra were both stranded in the middle of the jungle, the last place two newcomers wanted to be on their first time in the games. They walked through the thick layer of large plants that covered the jungle floor.
June: So, you and my son?
Sierra looked curiously over at June.
Sierra: What about him?
June: Is there something I should know about between you two?
Sierra: Uh, no, I don't think there's anything going on.
June: Oh, that's a shame.
Sierra: Why?
June: No reason.
June continued through the plants, but her jacket was caught on a tree branch as she traveled, and she couldn't get it loose, so she just gave up and shed her jacket.
Sierra: Uh, Mrs. Darby? Do you think there could be predators close?
June smiled.
June: Of course there are, it's a jungle, but, we can avoid them if we're careful. A lot of animals don't attack unless provoked.
Megara and Zelda were also in the jungle, with Zelda climbing up a tree, while Megara waited down below, watching her make her way up there.
Zelda: Aren't you going to follow me?
Megara: I think I'll pass. I don't exactly have the shoes for climbing.
She looked down at her sandals, and wiggled her toes in the open.
Zelda: That head start isn't going to last forever. Putting ourselves out of reach of those predators would be a good idea.
Megara: And what if they can climb trees?
Zelda: Then we climb higher.
Megara: What if they can fly?
Zelda: Uh...
Megara noticed Zara walking past her and she turned her attention over to her.
Megara: Lost your teammate already?
Zara looked at Meg, and she shook her head.
Zara: No, I just decided not to stay behind and get eaten by the Mosasaurus when it eventually comes up.
Megara raised her eyebrow.
Megara: So, you came from the beach?
Zara nodded.
Zara: Yeah, but I know that Mosasaurus is out to get me. She didn't taste me last season, she'll definitely try harder this season.
Megara glanced up at the tree where Zelda was climbing.
Megara: So, which way do I have to go?
Zara: Be my guest. It's that way.
Meg walked off in the direction Zara pointed, the three women officially parting their ways. Zelda was still unaware of Meg's absence as she made her way up to the branches of the tree.
Zelda: You'll be sorry, Megara. Up here no predator can see me.

The timer for the games reached 00:00. It was feeding time.

While running through the base, Misty was careless not to look down, because as she ran, her foot struck a trapdoor, and she fell down through it, screaming as she went.
Katara: Misty!
The floor panel Misty fell through sealed up, and Katara cautiously got to her feet and started to walk around the station halls, on the lookout for anymore trapdoors.
Misty fell down a long, metal tunnel until she saw light at the end, and fell through to the other side, landing on a sandy surface. She looked confused as she saw the sand and got to her feet. A large gate opened up in front of her very slowly, and Misty immediately knew something big was coming. She looked around in panic for a door, hoping there was a way out, but the gate was all the way open now.
In stepped the rancor, a massive, bulky monster with huge claws and teeth.
Misty ran to the point where she fell through and tried to open the latch that dumped her in there, wanting to crawl back up that tunnel, or at least hide herself in there until the rancor went away, but it was sealed closed tightly. She could hear the footsteps of the rancor coming closer, and she turned around, back to the wall as a massive claw reached for her.
The rancor grabbed Misty in its hand, and raised her screaming to its mouth. It shoved her inside and shut its jaws behind her. The only part of Misty that wasn't in the rancor's mouth was her shoe, which came loose, and hung by the laces from one of the rancor's teeth. It swallowed her whole, and drooled into the sand, pleased with its very first meal in the games.
Misty screamed as she slid down the gullet of the rancor, and she was pushed into its large, squishy tummy, splashing into a pool of reddish goo. She emerged from the slime with a gasp for air, and she sputtered. She looked around the stomach and banged on the soft walls.
Misty: Katara! Someone! Please help!
But no one could hear her. The rancor's stomach had already claimed her. It would take a miracle to get Misty out of this.

Mallow and Toph kept walking through the snow, which Toph could've sworn got deeper as she was truly blind without rock or soil to give her something to map out.
Toph: Are we there yet?
Mallow: It's my first time here. I don't know.
Toph: I really don't like ice. I can't see on it!
Mallow: Aren't you blind anyway?
Toph stared at Mallow blankly until the kahuna looked away very awkwardly. Suddenly as they kept walking, Mallow saw something big and white ahead. At first she was on guard as it could've been a predator, but when it came closer, it looked like a big white dog.
Naga, the polar bear dog walked closer to the two snacks that came into her line of sight, and she started sniffing them, with Mallow just looking curiously at her big, cute puppy face. She turned to Toph and started sniffing her too.
Toph: What are you doing, Mallow?
Mallow: It's not me. It's a
Toph: A dog?
Naga licked Toph's face, making her groan as saliva drenched her whole head.
Mallow laughed at the amusing sight.
Mallow: Awww, it's so...
Naga opened her mouth wide and engulfed Toph's entire upper body, pulling her out of the snow, and holding her in her mouth as her legs kicked.
Mallow's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped to the snowy ground as she saw the big dog eating her teammate. Of course, she should've seen it coming in a game where everything wants to eat you, but no one expects a big dog to be what eats them in the Prey Games. Mallow ran for her life, screaming as her teammate's fate as food was sealed.
Mallow: Help! Giant dog! Help me!!!
Naga watched her other snack go, but decided to go get her later. She tilted her head back and swallowed the blind Earthbender in two big gulps, sending her down her fluffy throat in a lump to her stomach. Naga burped as her food landed in her belly, and she let out a big, wide yawn before laying down in the snow for a nap.
Inside the stomach, Toph was covered in drool and slime as she pushed around at the interior.
Toph: Yuck! And I thought the snow was bad to have my feet in!

Megara pushed her way through plants and soon felt her sandals touch down in warm sand. She looked up, and sure enough, she saw the beach. She smiled and enjoyed the beautiful view, then she saw Flannery sitting in the sand, perking up and turning around to see her.
Flannery: Oh, I was expecting Zara to come back.
Megara: That seafood chick? I saw her go by on my way here.
Flannery: Well, at least I know she wasn't eaten. Not yet, anyway. Wait a minute, where's your teammate?
Megara: Up a tree. If she's right, she'll be just fine. If not, I'll go up to the first lumpy stomach I see, check if it's her, and say "I told you."
Flannery couldn't help but laugh a little at the comment, but then she heard footsteps approaching fast, and she looked to see Rapunzel going over to them.
Rapunzel: Sorry to bother you. Has anyone seen Samus?
Megara and Flannery turned to each other and shook their heads.
Rapunzel sighed sadly, and she looked up at the sky.
Rapunzel: I'm sure she's fine. She's strong, she can handle herself.
Flannery: Rapunzel, where's your teammate?
Rapunzel: Oh, Belle? Oh, she's back...maybe I should go check.
Rapunzel was about to go when Flannery got in front of her.
Flannery: Neither of us have our teammates with us. Why don't we all go together? That way none of us can get picked off helplessly.
Rapunzel smiled at the gym leader.
Rapunzel: Sure, that sounds good. Meg?
Megara honestly wanted some alone time, but the other chicks had a point. For all she knew, her teammate was already food, and if she got eaten, there was no way out.
Megara: Okay, I guess I could tag along.
The three women walked back to the other side of the beach together, unaware that a pair of eyes was watching them from the sea, trying to decide which to eat first.

Jazz slept comfortably in the room she decided to have her break in, and as she dozed off sweetly, she noticed a big shadow blocking out the light from the ceiling. At first, she paid it no mind, but then she heard a loud gurgling sound, a very disturbing one.
Jazz: Please keep it down.
The gurgling was even louder the next time, and Jazz opened her eyes, looking at a beautiful pale woman sitting in a black lace bikini.
Jazz: I'm sorry, have we met?
Serleena: We just did, sweetie.
Serleena pulled Jazz out from under her and lifted her above her head, opening her mouth inhumanly wide to the point where it didn't look like a human mouth anymore.
Jazz: Hey! What are you...?!
Serleena dropped Jazz in her mouth head-first, and slurped her down very loudly, and very wetly, having her sweet body slide down her throat, and with a few loud glorps and gurgles, she closed her mouth and licked her lips.
Serleena: You taste good.
Serleena rubbed her plump, pale belly, which wobbled around with the struggles of her live meal. It let out an unhealthy growl, and Serleena burped up Jazz's clothes onto the floor, covered in slime.
Serleena: Oh, I'm such a pig sometimes. I forgot to unwrap my food.

June and Sierra kept walking through the jungle, coming into an area where the sun shined down on them from a gap in the trees.
Sierra: It's pretty here. Almost enough to make me forget that we're being hunted.
June looked up at the light in the trees.
June: I don't normally get out to places like this. I'm glad I did.
As June looked up, she was slow to notice her foot stepping into something, and when she kept walking, she felt a rope wrap around her ankle, and pull her upwards as a big net fell down and wrapped around her. She was hanging in a net by a tree, and she let out a gasp at her predicament. She saw Sierra on the ground looking at her from below.
June: Sierra, can you help me out?!
Sierra went over to the tree and started to climb it.
Sierra: Don't worry, Mrs. Darby, I'll get you down from there.
Sierra sat on the branch the rope June was hanging on was tied around, and she pulled at it.
Sierra: This thing's tight! Got a knife?
June: No, we aren't allowed weapons.
Sierra: I might be able to find a rock to cut it with, just wait here for...whoa!
Sierra pressed we back to the tree as a lioness came into view, looking up the tree at the two women, and licking her lips at them.
Nala gazed upon her fortunate catch. June, caught in one of the game traps, and Sierra in the tree trying to help her. If either of them came down, then she would have at least one of them to eat. Instead of wasting her energy in trying to get to them, she just circled the tree and waited for a good moment for them to come down to her. It would have to happen eventually, whether by accident, or if one of them caved in and surrendered themselves.
June: It's okay! As long as we're in this tree, we're okay!
Sierra: I don't think having a lion looking at me is what I would call okay!

Zara heard some sounds off in the distance as she kept up her jungle walk, and was glad that she wasn't heading in that direction. She would've won the games last season if she wasn't so infamously delicious to the predators, which was the deciding factor when it came down to her and her teammate, Catwoman. Now, she would have to use every ounce of survival skill that she had to make sure something like that didn't happen again. There was just one problem. She was in the jungle, the biggest area on the map, and home to some of the most infamous predators of the Prey Games. Zara kept going, and she saw what looked like slime coating a tree. She looked along the path to see slime trailing off deeper into the jungle, and she went in the opposite direction of where the path led. 
A new competition of the Prey Games begins. A new roster, a new organized selection of predators, a new set of rules. Let's begin.

Here is how to play your part for the next chapter. Just fill out this little form right here to help make the decisions for next time. When I'm satisfied with the amount of entries, I will tally up the votes.
Teammate I want brought back:
Contestant I want immune:
Contestant I want shrunk:
Contestant I want to be pursued:

Team Princess
Rapunzel (Tangled) Location: Beach
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Location: Beach

Team Drama
Bridgette (Total Drama) Location: City
Sky (Total Drama) Location: City

Team Mario
Peach (Mario) Location: Temple
Rosalina (Mario) Location: Temple

Team Earth
Mallow (Pokémon) Location: Arctic
Toph (Avatar) Location: Arctic (Eaten by Naga)

Team Water
Misty (Pokémon) (Games, not anime) Location: Space Station (Eaten by the rancor)
Katara (Avatar) Location: Space Station

Team Prime
June Darby (Transformers: Prime) Location: Jungle
Sierra (Transformers: Prime) Location: Jungle

Team Johto
Clair (Pokémon) Location: Arctic 
Whitney (Pokémon) Location: Arctic

Team Damsel
Zelda (Legend of Zelda) Location: Jungle
Megara (Hercules) Location: Beach

Team Girlfriend
Asami (Legend of Korra) Location: City
Gwen Stacy (Marvel) Location: City

Team Hot Food
Zara Young (Jurassic World) Location: Jungle
Flannery (Pokémon) Location: Beach

Team Stretch
Elastigirl (The Incredibles) Location: Temple
Marinette (Miraculous) Location: Temple

Team Plasma
Samus Aran (Metroid) Location: Space Station
Jazz Fenton (Danny Phantom) Location: Space Station (Eaten by Serleena)


1. Kaa (The Jungle Book 2016)
2. Rexy (Jurassic Park)
3. Goodra (Pokémon)
4. Nala (Lion King)
5. Stormfly (How to Train Your Dragon)

Beach / Ocean:
1. Milotic (Pokémon)
2. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
3. Serpent's Pass Serpent (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
4. Mosasaurus (Jurassic World)
5. Tamatoa (Moana)

1. Ginormica (Monsters vs Aliens)
2. Houndoom (Pokémon)
3. Charizard (Pokémon)
4. Saphira (Inheritance Cycle)
5. Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

1. Alolan Ninetails (Pokémon)
2. Naga (Legend of Korra) Meals: 1
3. Wampa (Star Wars)
4. Narglatch (Star Wars)
5. Elsa (Frozen)

1. Ditto (Pokémon)
2. Palutena (Super Smash Bros)
3. Hydra (Hercules)
4. Velociraptors (Jurassic World)
5. Nexu (Star Wars)

Space Station:
1. Serleena (Men in Black II) Meals: 1
2. Airachnid (Transformers: Prime)
3. The Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors)
4. Rancor (Star Wars) Meals: 1
5. Muk (Pokémon)

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Jolbucley Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
This was in my Favourites even though I’d never seen it before.  I’ve nothing against it or anything, but I’m a little confused about how that happened and what this is.
cardfightvanguard62 Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
I want Toph back, she's my favorite^^ not sure about the others, sorry :(
AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
I'm sure you can think of something for the others. :)
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Contest I want shrunk is Megara
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Contest I want immune is Gwen Stacey
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Contest I want back is Misty
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Contest I want pursued is Bridget
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Worth the wait can't wait to see chapter 2
AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
You can help it out by filling out the form in the description.
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
I finished it awhile ago are you going to start writing it now?
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
I will I'm just having trouble deciding who I want to see get shrunk
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