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Last Time: The third Prey Games had begun, introducing our new roster of prey, and predators as well. As usual the contestants were divided into twelve teams of two, and sent off to different locations in the Prey Games arena. For some, it was not a very nice start.
Rapunzel and Samus, the beloved power couple have spawned on two completely different stages. Will they find one another before someone get eliminated, especially after Samus lost her teammate, Jazz early on to Serleena?
Speaking of teammates, some teams just aren't getting along. Zara has gone rogue despite Flannery's advice because of her fear of the waiting Mosasaurus.
Megara also left behind her teammate, Zelda to go on her own because of her lack of faith in Zelda's strategy of hiding in a tree.
In a rush to get off the space station as soon as possible, Misty found herself on the menu even faster when she fell through a trapdoor became food for the mighty rancor.
Speaking of traps, June Darby found herself in a very effective trap, and when Sierra tried to help her teammate, they were both cornered by the lioness Nala. Only time will tell if one of both of them can escape.
In the arctic, Team Earth was way out of their element in the snowy environment, and when Naga the polar bear dog came to play, Toph was her chew toy.
So far, only three contestants have been eaten, yet no one is quite out of the games yet. Will that change in this episode? We can only watch and see, on the Prey Games!

June and Sierra were still up the tree, with Nala circling them below. June was still in the cage, which may have been the only thing between her and the lioness, while Sierra was standing on the branch. It had been about an hour since the hungry cat found them, and she sure was persistent.
Nala: Why don't you just come down? I'll just keep waiting for you to give up.
Sierra: She can talk!
Nala: Of course I can talk. I didn't spend all that time tracking you down just to watch you hide up a tree.
June and Sierra looked at each other, and then Sierra looked to see if there was more space to climb. It seemed that there was.
Sierra: Good luck, Mrs. Darby!
Sierra started to climb up the tree, knowing that June wasn't getting down without help, and Nala wouldn't be able to reach her from down there. As she grabbed a branch though, it broke free as it was too small to support her weight since she got careless and she fell down. She grabbed ahold of another branch to break her fall, and it managed to stop her from hitting the ground, but now her feet were just low enough to bite.
Nala took her chance and latched onto one of Sierra's shoes with her teeth, yanking her from the tree and onto the jungle floor. She pulled off the nasty article of clothing and spit it out, then she pinned Sierra down with her powerful paws to hold her in place.
Nala: Now, I eat.
Nala went around to Sierra's head and opened her mouth wide, engulfing it inside, and running her slobbery tongue all over the face of her victim.
Sierra tried to push her head off, but Nala pinned one of her arms down beneath a paw, and rendered her unable to effectively push her off.
Nala engulfed Sierra's shoulders with another lunge, and then her chest, purring softly as she knew she would soon be fed. When she took in Sierra's belly, and therefore having half of the woman in her already, she stood up and effectively gulped down her butt kicking legs all while June watched on from the net. She used her paw to remove the other shoe with a push, and then she engulfed Sierra's feet, swallowing her whole.
Sierra's head pushed through the entrance of the lioness's stomach, and then the rest of her was squeezed into the tight, but squishy tummy. She laid down in the slimy prison, and pushed against the walls with her hands and feet, stretching it out as best as she could before realizing that there was no escape. She couldn't turn around to crawl out of the lioness, and even if she could she'd be swallowed again. She refused to go out the other end even if it was possible.
Nala let out a soft burp and laid down at the base of the tree, licking her paws and purring from the amazing internal belly rub.
Nala: I'm having you next lady, whenever you're ready to get out of that net.
June watched on as she witnessed her teammate devoured, and she knew it was only a matter of time before Nala, or any other predator came by and ate her too, even if the net gave her some degree of safety.

Megara, and Flannery followed Rapunzel on her way across the beach towards where she left Belle, and came to only find her footprints leading to another end of the beach. Rapunzel was sure Belle wouldn't abandon her, so she decided to wait there with the other women for Belle's return.
Megara: What if your friend got eaten?
Rapunzel: Belle? No, she's too smart to get eaten right away. Before we parted, she said something about finding a safe place. Maybe she succeeded.
Flannery: Then why are we stopping?
Rapunzel: It's a long beach. We could really use the rest.
Megara sat down, taking off her sandals and rubbing her feet. Rapunzel had a point, they had walked so much already and they hadn't even run into predators yet.
Suddenly the water started to bubble, and the three women looked at the source, seeing something large, gold, and shiny rising from the sea.
It was Tamatoa, the giant gold-covered crab, and he had just happened upon a very lovely sight. With a smirk and a growl he charged forward towards the three women.
Flannery, who was on her feet already ran back to the jungle, while Megara rushed to her feet and followed suit.
Rapunzel also tried to get up and run after them, but the crab grabbed her by the ponytail with one large, gold-tipped claw, and lifted her up to his excited face. Rapunzel gasped as she found herself staring at Tamatoa's large eyes that were fixed on her, while the crab laughed deviously.
Tamatoa: What have we here?
Rapunzel braced herself to be eaten, but was surprised that she wasn't shoved into the big mouth right away, instead, she saw that Tamatoa's eyes were fixed on her hair. Her beautiful, thick, blonde ponytail.
Tamatoa: So gold, so rich, so shiny! What's your secret?
Rapunzel looked at Tamatoa, then remembered the legends of the crab, and his obsession with anything valuable and shiny. He was distracted, she needed to keep him that way.
Rapunzel: Oh, my secret? Magic.
Tamatoa: Interesting. Magic hair, I love the shine it has, perhaps I should take a sample.
Tamatoa raised his other claw to snip the hair.
Rapunzel: No, don't! You'll ruin it!
Tamatoa: Huh?
Rapunzel: If you cut it, it will turn brown and lose all its special powers!
Tamatoa: Oh, well that's not good. How am I supposed to have some and keep it pretty if it turns brown?
Rapunzel: What, did you think I was just going to give you some of my hair without asking first?!
Tamatoa: Well, people usually can't say no to me. I mean, look at me.
He lifted Rapunzel up to take a glance at his gold covered shell that reflected the light.
Tamatoa: So, I can't remove it because it will turn brown, but if I eat you now it will be inside of me, and I won't be able to show it off. What to do...
Rapunzel knew she was running out of time, and glanced back at Flannery and Megara, who were hiding just behind the border between the two stages.
Tamatoa: Oh, screw it. My job's to eat, I'll figure something out!
Tamatoa opened his mouth to lower Rapunzel in.
Rapunzel: Wait! I haven't shown you everything about my hair!
This caught the crab's attention and he closed his mouth, pulling Rapunzel back.
Tamatoa: There's more?
Rapunzel nodded.
Rapunzel: Yeah! It's a lot longer than this! Let me show you!
Tamatoa tossed Rapunzel into the air and caught her in his claw by the waist.
Tamatoa: Alright, go ahead blondie, show me more of this hair!
Rapunzel undid her ponytail and let her hair flow down to its full length, touching down on the sand below.
Tamatoa's eyes widened and he grasped some of the hair in his other claw.
Tamatoa: So long, so pretty!
Meanwhile, Belle had found a dock where a few small motorboats were waiting for contestants to grab. She had chosen one and rode along the shallow water to find Rapunzel, but when she came across her, she found that she was in the grasp of Tamatoa. Thankfully, the giant crab was so distracted by her beautiful hair that he didn't notice her. She looked around the back for something to help her teammate, but all she found were a pair of scuba suits. That left only one option, if she could pull it off.
Tamatoa: Well, little human, your hair is very fun, but now it's time for my lunch. Good bye!
Tamatoa opened wide, and started to guide Rapunzel towards his mouth.
Rapunzel grabbed her hair and lassoed it around a tree, the hair wrapping firmly around the trunk as she was placed on Tamatoa's tongue, his claw gripping the back of her dress, pulling it free, and he shut his jaws behind her.
Tamatoa gulped and started to send the hot princess down his throat, pleased with the sensation, and then he started to slurp up her lovely hair. But then something rammed into his leg from behind, unfortunately for him on the side where he lost a leg to Maui. He fell down in the sand, and spat out Rapunzel by accident, with her landing in the sand, drenched in his saliva.
Rapunzel got up, naked and covered in drool and sand, and turned to see Belle running over to her.
Belle: That was too close!
Rapunzel whipped her hair, uncoiling it from the tree, and she ran off with Belle towards the jungle.
Tamatoa lifted his head and saw his food getting away. He pinned a bit of her hair down in the sand, stopping her advance with a tug.
Tamatoa: You can't run from me!
Rapunzel fell to the ground from the tug, then with the hair she held in her hand, she whipped Tamatoa, making him stumble back and let go of her hair, then she got up and ran again.
Tamatoa: Oh you can. You keep surprising me!
Rapunzel and Belle crossed the border between the jungle and the beach, and Tamatoa ran into an invisible barrier when he tried to follow, growling and banging his claws against the forcefield protecting them.
Rapunzel: Thanks for the help, Belle.
Belle: No problem. I was going to use that boat to do some searching, but while he's out there, we should probably wait for him to give up and go.
Rapunzel led Belle over to where Megara and Flannery were waiting.
Flannery: Well, I guess Zara was right about something watching us.

Zelda relaxed in her tree, enjoying a nice exotic fruit she found up there.
Zelda: Seriously, Meg, you're missing out up here.
There was no response, and Zelda kept eating her nice fruit.
While Zelda wasn't looking, Kaa, the massive python was watching from above, seeing the defenseless elf princess as a perfect first meal in the games.
Kaa: It must be lonely in this tree, isn't it?
Zelda turned to see the snake, and she gasped, dropping her fruit.
Kaa: Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. I am gentle with my food.
Kaa looked into Zelda's eyes, and her own began to flash colors of blue and yellow. She had Zelda falling under her gaze.
Kaa: You poor, sweet thing. It looks like your teammate has abandoned you.
Kaa slowly began to coil around Zelda as she drew the princess deeper into hypnotism.
Kaa: Don't worry. I will find her soon, and you can be with her again.
Zelda was soon completely unresponsive, sitting there in Kaa's coils, listening to her every word, but not struggling or replying.
Kaa opened her enormous mouth wide and engulfed the elf's head, moaning as she tasted the unique, wonderful flavor. She worked her way down Zelda's body, her coils slipping down as she kept eating, and pulling Zelda's dress off her flesh, leaving her naked, and giving Kaa more to taste. She ran her tongue all over her flesh, especially her boobs, and she soon engulfed half of her. With that, Kaa was able to tilt her head back, and slide Zelda down her throat with some good, wet gulps. Zelda's butt, legs, and feet slid down Kaa's gullet, and the snake took a satisfied swallow, sighing happily, and slithering out of the tree, back towards her swamp.

In the space station, Samus was wondering around the halls, tapping her foot along the floor every few steps to make sure there weren't any trapdoors to fall into. She felt a few break loose when she was walking through, but she wasn't careless enough to fall in there. She had lost track of her teammate, Jazz, but she knew with a big station like this, Jazz probably got lost, and eaten. Samus saw a door nearby and entered, searching for an escape pod, but instead, she found a lab. Many long tables with vials and jars of different colored liquids bubbled around, and she saw a few test tubes that a person could fit inside. What was curious however about this room, was the floating scroll above the table. Samus walked forward, and she grabbed it, opening it up, and reading the text.
If you have found this scroll, this means that you have lost your teammate, and you now have a way to bring them back from whatever stomach they are in. We offer you a special task, which will help return your teammate if you succeed. Fail, and you will be food. Do you accept?"
Samus picked up a pen from the table, and she marked one of the boxes below the message, the one that said 'Yes'. The message faded, and was replaced with a new one.
Thank you for accepting this task. To bring back your lost teammate, you must take a DNA sample from the Audrey II, and complete a formula that can clone it. Instructions are labeled on the lab beakers. Good luck.
The door to the lab locked, trapping Samus inside for the task, and she looked down at the table, seeing that indeed the different beakers were labeled with numbers and instructions.
Audrey II: Feed me!
Samus turned to see a pretty big plant in the corner of the room, with vines out, flapping on the floor, and a large mouth that could fit a person inside with no problem.
Audrey II: Feed me!
Samus: Okay big guy, you want to be fed?
Audrey: Feed me!
Samus: Tough crap! You're going down!
Samus cracked her knuckles and she charged forward at the plant, who laughed excitedly as she came closer, mouth opening up wide, and vines ready to grab. Samus dodged the vines coming at her, and she grabbed one of them, pulling at it and ripping off the tip.
Audrey II: Ow! That hurt, girl!
The plant wrapped around Samus's waist with the other vine, and she looked back at it.
Audrey II: But now it's su...!
Samus: Suck it!
Samus kicked the plant in the head, and grabbed the vine around her waist, stepping down on it with one foot and pulling it off.
Audrey II: Hey, stop ripping my vines off!
Samus slapped the plant with a vine, and when it lunged for her, she wrapped the vine around its jaws and tied it up nice and tight so it couldn't eat her.
Samus: Stay down, plant! I took down a dragon, you can't top that!
Samus walked away from the plant, holding a piece of vine, and hearing the Audrey II say something muffled that sounded like "goddamn it". She went to the lab tables, following the instructions on the gear, in the order of which they were numbered. Samus started with a knife and chopped up the plant vine, then she dumped it into a vial of purple ooze. She mixed some green slime in with the ooze, and shook it around, before dumping that into a beaker that spewed out thick fog, and the fog turned blue. She then added a little yellow to it, and it turned green. Then we poured the whole thing into a pot beside her, and waited a few minutes. Soon a tiny green plant started to poke from the soil. It was complete.
Elsewhere in the station, Serleena walked around in search of new prey, when suddenly she felt her stomach growl so loud. She assumed it was nothing at first, but then she felt an uneasy pain in her belly, and a louder roar came from her stomach. She tried to keep her food down, but it was as if a greater power was making her throw up instead. Unable to stop herself, she regurgitated the wet and naked Jazz on the floor, and had a little moment of hesitation.
Jazz immediately got to her feet, slipping around in the slime on the floor, but running off from Serleena, before she tripped and fell, sliding across the floor, smearing slime everywhere. At least she was free, for now, but she had to leave before Serleena could get her again.

Mallow was on the run from a pack of Narglatches going after her in the snow, but thankfully, she was close to a frozen body of water to escape them. She jumped over onto a block of ice, and waited there as the snow cats had to stop in their tracks and look at the water where Mallow floated on her ice block. None of them wanted to risk going in the water, so they turned and walked away, sad that they didn't get to eat Mallow.
Mallow sighed with relief and she looked at the other side of the frozen lake. She saw what looked like a tunnel ahead, and she decided not to waste any time, carefully walking along the ice to try and make it to the entrance of the tunnel. She wished that she could've saved Toph, but her teammate was now food to the giant dog they met. She had to go through on her own as long as she could.

Asami had successfully gotten a battery fitting for one of the cars from the car workshop, and she placed it inside the car, beginning her work while Gwen watched.
Gwen: How soon do you think you'll have it ready?
Asami: Not long. Could you get in the car and start it up?
Gwen shrugged and she entered the car, looking for the keys, and finding them in the glove compartment. When Asami gave her the thumbs up, she put the main key in the ignition, and turned it. The engine started up, and Asami went over to the driver's side, and opened the door.
Asami: Alright, the car's working, let's get going. I'll drive.
Gwen was about to argue, but realized that Asami fixed the car, if anyone was to be considered the best driver, it would be her. She moved over to the passenger seat, and put on her seat belt before her stomach growled.
Gwen: Do you think there's an abandoned Burger King around here? I could use a Whopper.
As if on cue, a couple of food boxes came down from the sky on parachutes, and landed on the roof of the car. Asami and Gwen got out, and they started to open up the bags. Indeed, the food boxes contained burgers, and they dug in right away, both women hungry from being dropped into the arena with no breakfast. However, as they ate, Asami noticed a Charizard flying above them in the sky. She rushed into the car and urged Gwen to get in after her, but Gwen was so into her burger, that she couldn't take the silent warning. As Gwen ate, the Charizard flew over her as if it didn't even care about her. Apparently Gwen got immunity.

Bridgette and Sky were on a rooftop together, also helping themselves to their food. Bridgette watched Sky with a degree of jealousy. Sky had won Total Drama on her first season when she hadn't come remotely close enough, three times. She wondered if she was going to win this competition too, but for now, they were on the same team, she needed each other to make it through.
Sky finished her food and chugged down her entire drink, relaxing and patting her belly. Then she unleashed a huge burp that sent shockwaves from her mouth and rumbled the building beneath them.
Sky: Sorry. I have very loud burps.
Bridgette: Sky, you could get us eaten like that!
There was a roar, and Bridgette looked to see a large, blue dragon headed towards them.
Sky: Sorry, Bridgette!
Sky jumped down the side of the building, parkouring her way to the bottom, while Bridgette tried to follow her, but she was snatched up by the dragon, Saphira.
Saphira smiled to herself as she carried away the very yummy looking blonde in her talons, ready to bring her back to her lair and have a nice snack. However, she felt Bridgette being pulled from her grip, and turned to see Charizard flying away with Bridgette. She turned around and flew after Charizard, who was already licking her face, getting ready to chow down. Saphira lunged forward, her jaws chomping shortly away from Charizard, and he spiraled away, trying to outfly her, but she was keeping up.
Bridgette screamed as the two predators flew around, seeing which one would get to eat her in the end. As Saphira tried to snap at her again, Charizard actually did let go and she fell, only to be caught in Saphira's large talons. The large dragon was about ready to get back on course when Charizard lunged for Bridgette from underneath and engulfed her feet first up to her butt, ready to make a meal out of her. Bridgette screamed again, but Saphira pulled her out of Charizard's mouth, flying higher, and leaving Bridgette without her pants and panties.
Charizard spat out the clothes, and flew back up for Bridgette, using Dragon Claw and swiping at Saphira, making her let go of Bridgette and she fell for the ground, both predators diving down to catch her with their mouths before she could hit the ground.
Bridgette: What did I do to deserve this?!
Saphira caught Bridgette by the shirt using her teeth, and she flew off, picking up the speed as to lose Charizard, but Bridgette's shirt ripped off, and she fell naked towards the ground.
Charizard opened wide and waited to catch Bridgette. Bridgette was lodged head first in Charizard's maw and throat, and she wiggled around, trying to get free, but she was already being savored by Charizard, who lapped at her boobs. Charizard was forced to spit Bridgette out when Saphira tackled it, and caught her in the grip of her tail.
Saphira: My human!
Bridgette: Will someone just eat me already and get it over with?!
Saphira tossed Bridgette into the air and caught her in her jaws, shutting them with her inside, and licking her delicious body, finally getting to have the food she wanted. While Charizard was unable to steal from her mouth, all it could do is watch sadly as Saphira enjoyed Bridgette, running her tongue all over her body.
Bridgette moaned as Saphira's tongue felt great on her body, but she knew that her time in the competition was at least put on pause now, as she slid down into Saphira's gullet and was swallowed whole.
Saphira: Mmmmmm, tasty!
Bridgette slid down Saphira's long throat, and splashed into her belly, sitting inside of the warm stomach slime, and looking around her surroundings. If Sky somehow managed to get her out of there, she would be grateful.
Saphira burped at Charizard before flying away, leaving the Pokémon to fly off and find another prey.

Back on the space station, Katara had made it to another room, a sitting room where she could take a break from all the searching for the escape pods. She was also using it to have her lunch break, enjoying some hot Water Tribe food to herself. She was concerned about going back out there with the newly discovered trapdoors Misty fell victim to. She didn't see it coming as the gym leader was taken down into that trap, and presumably eaten by whatever waited down there.
Down in the rancor pit, the mighty beast began to heave and growl, feeling its food coming back up from its stomach. It opened its mouth, and regurgitated Misty, covered in slime onto the sandy floor.
Misty: Gross! I can't believe you...wait, I'm out! I'm out!
Misty got to her feet and jumped for joy, only for the rancor to roar at her. She ran away from the beast, taking notice of its momentary ignorance of her. She ran over to the door she saw behind the gate the rancor came from, and she opened it, rushing out to see if she could find her way back to Katara.

Zara pushed through a thick layer of plants and she saw a huge temple in the middle of the jungle.
Zara: Well, this is new.
She looked at the big structure, approaching it cautiously, but then she heard a call of some kind. A call she heard before. A Velociraptor call. She ducked back down into the plants, and she saw raptors walking along the stone structures of the temple, sniffing out for food. This was not the best place for Zara to be. She needed to get to the city, so she quietly sneaked away from the raptors, and back through the barrier into the jungle.

Peach and Rosalina had just finished eating when they heard the raptors outside, and they walked down a staircase they saw, entering the interior of the temple. It was pretty dark in there, but not unbearably so. They walked through the temple halls, both of them looking around nervously.
Peach: We could use a flashlight in here.
Rosalina: Or my wand. Ooh, doors.
Rosalina saw a door, and she entered through it, Peach following behind. The room was mostly empty, except for a chest in the middle of the room. Peach went over to it and went to open it, but it was locked. 
Peach: Awww, no key. No problem.
Peach slammed her butt into the chest and it shattered to pieces. She smiled, and dusted off her big butt cheeks.
Peach: There. Problem solved.
Rosalina: I wish I had a butt like your's, Peach.
Peach: I know. It's sweet!
Peach looked through the broken wood, and saw a mushroom. She picked it up, and she took a look at it.
Peach: Hmmmm, big or poison?
Rosalina: I can never really tell. Should we eat it?
Peach: Let's wait. We might need it later.
Meanwhile, Marinette and Helen were still looking through the temple halls, using Marinette's phone for light. They heard something weird down the halls, and they both froze still.
Helen: I'll go check it out.
Marinette put her phone in Helen's mouth, and she stretched her neck down the hall where the noise was heard. She stretched down a few paths, before finding the source of the scratching. It was a nexu, and it was currently crawling though the temple in search of food, occasionally pawing at a door to check if anyone was in. It was declawed for the safety of the contestants, but it was still big enough to pounce on them and eat them. Helen let her head lash back to her body where Marinette was, and gave back her phone.
Helen: Yeah, we're not going that way.
Marinette nodded and she walked down a different hallway.

Clair and Whitney kept heading for the palace, which was further away than they thought. The cold was starting to get to them though. Clair was shivering a lot, and Whitney wasn't doing a lot better. They were both not used to the cold, as they lived in cities that didn't normally have the problem. Luckily they had hot food, but they had used it to heat them up since they got it, so it was starting to lose its heat. It was time to eat. Clair and Whitney both opened it up, and helped themselves to the food which consisted of a lot of meat, and some "donuts".
Whitney: These donuts are great! Jelly filled are my favorite! Nothing beats a jelly filled donut!
Clair: Uh, Whitney.
Whitney: What?
Clair saw Whitney was already stuffing her face with a "donut".
Clair: Nevermind.
They heard something approaching them in the snow, and they turned, surprised to see a big, hairy wampa, roaring at them and knocking them both out with one swipe of its paw. With the two gym leaders unconscious, the wampa dragged them away, taking them back to its cave for future consumption.

Rapunzel, Flannery, Belle and Megara were eating their lunch near the border between the beach and the jungle. Tamatoa had since given up and went back to the sea, but he would be back. When they finished, something strange, but sexy happened when Meg shrunk out of her clothes, and was now miniature, standing naked in what used to be her dress.
Megara: Let me guess. I got the cursed food.
Flannery: You look so cute as a mini!
Flannery picked Megara up, and the others leaned in, taking a good look at her, crowding Meg together.
Megara: Easy girls. I'm not sure there's enough of me to go around now.
Rapunzel: Well, now that your tiny, I guess it's only fair that one of us carries you, for protection. I'm going back to the beach. I want to wait there in case Samus makes her way there.
Belle: And I'll stick with you, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel put Meg between her boobs and she got up to her feet.
Rapunzel: Now, I think we should make some big signal so that Samus would be able to spot it wherever she is. Flannery, could you build us a fire?
Flannery looked around.
Flannery: I think maybe I should look for Zara. Rapunzel, you got away from Tamatoa because Belle had your back. I should have Zara's back, and I would like for her to have mine. I guess this is where we part.
Rapunzel shook Flannery's hand.
Rapunzel: You be careful out there.
Flannery: I'll have to tell Zara that when I find her.
Flannery left the princesses and non-princess, and she walked through the jungle, looking around for Zara. Quickly, she spotted a woman with dark hair trapped in a net, and she rushed over to her.
Flannery: Hang on, Zara, I'll get you down!
Flannery climbed the tree, and undid the rope around the branch it was attached to. The net and rope fell to the ground, and the woman pushed the net off of herself, revealing herself to be June Darby.
Flannery: You're not Zara.
June: No, but thanks for getting me out of the net. I owe you one.
The contestants have had their start. Now let's see how they handle 

Here is how to play your part for the next chapter. Just fill out this little form right here to help make the decisions for next time. When I'm satisfied with the amount of entries, I will tally up the votes.
I know I only got one vote last time, but I'm keeping it up here in case anyone wants to do it anyway. Every vote counts.
Teammate I want brought back:
Contestant I want immune:
Contestant I want shrunk:
Contestant I want to be pursued:

Team Princess
Rapunzel (Tangled) Location: Beach
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Location: Beach

Team Drama
Bridgette (Total Drama) Location: City (Eaten by Saphira)
Sky (Total Drama) Location: City

Team Mario
Peach (Mario) Location: Temple
Rosalina (Mario) Location: Temple

Team Earth
Mallow (Pokémon) Location: Arctic
Toph (Avatar) Location: Arctic (Eaten by Naga)

Team Water
Misty (Pokémon) (Games, not anime) Location: Space Station (Returned from stomach)
Katara (Avatar) Location: Space Station

Team Prime
June Darby (Transformers: Prime) Location: Jungle
Sierra (Transformers: Prime) Location: Jungle (Eaten by Nala)

Team Johto
Clair (Pokémon) Location: Arctic
Whitney (Pokémon) Location: Arctic

Team Damsel
Zelda (Legend of Zelda) Location: Jungle (Eaten by Kaa)
Megara (Hercules) Location: Beach

Team Girlfriend
Asami Sato (Legend of Korra) Location: City
Gwen Stacy (Marvel) Location: City

Team Hot Food
Zara Young (Jurassic World) Location: Jungle
Flannery (Pokémon) Location: Jungle

Team Stretch
Elastigirl (The Incredibles) Location: Temple
Marinette (Miraculous) Location: Temple

Team Plasma
Samus Aran (Metroid) Location: Space Station
Jazz Fenton (Danny Phantom) Location: Space Station (Returned from stomach)


1. Kaa (The Jungle Book 2016) Meals: 1
2. Rexy (Jurassic Park)
3. Goodra (Pokémon)
4. Nala (Lion King) Meals: 1
5. Stormfly (How to Train Your Dragon)

Beach / Ocean:
1. Milotic (Pokémon)
2. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
3. Serpent's Pass Serpent (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
4. Mosasaurus (Jurassic World)
5. Tamatoa (Moana)

1. Ginormica (Monsters vs Aliens)
2. Houndoom (Pokémon)
3. Charizard (Pokémon)
4. Saphira (Inheritance Cycle) Meals: 1
5. Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

1. Alolan Ninetails (Pokémon)
2. Naga (Legend of Korra) Meals: 1
3. Wampa (Star Wars)
4. Narglatch (Star Wars)
5. Elsa (Frozen)

1. Ditto (Pokémon)
2. Palutena (Super Smash Bros)
3. Hydra (Hercules)
4. Velociraptors (Jurassic World)
5. Nexu (Star Wars)

Space Station:
1. Serleena (Men in Black II) Meals: 1
2. Airachnid (Transformers: Prime)
3. The Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors)
4. Rancor (Star Wars) Meals: 1
5. Muk (Pokémon)

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Contestant I want immune is Flannery
Contestant I want pursued is Mallow
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