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Last Time: The games really started to get in motion, with some pretty close encounters. Rapunzel was almost eaten by Tamatoa, but thanks to some quick thinking, and Belle's help, she was able to get away for now, however, their new friend Megara got shrunk, and will be staying with them for a while now.
Megara's teammate, Zelda on the other hand wasn't as lucky, becoming food to Kaa quickly.
Speaking of teammates, when Flannery went looking for Zara, she instead found June Darby, whose own teammate, Sierra was eaten by Nala.
Things started to look up for the contestants on the space station. Samus was able to defeat the Audrey II, and bring her teammate Jazz back from the stomach of Serleena. Katara also managed to get a lucky meal, and returned Misty from the belly of the rancor.
The same can't be said for Team Johto, when they were kidnapped by a wampa in the arctic, but Mallow managed to escape from a pack of Narglatches. Where she goes next, we will find out later.
Bridgette had a pretty rough day when she ate a special meal that attracted not one, but two hungry predators to her. Charizard and Saphira had their playtime with Bridgette, and eventually Saphira sealed the deal, and Bridgette in her stomach. It was so crazy that we almost didn't notice Gwen's immunity.
So who will come back, and who will also be eaten in this exciting new installment of the Prey Games? Let's see the excitement unfold.

As June got the net off of herself, she noticed a yawn, and looked to see Nala, just starting to wake up from her nap, with Sierra still inside of her soft belly that dangled from her underside.
June: We can discuss how I can help you on the way.
June ran with her rescuer Flannery following behind, just as Nala rose to her feet.
Nala licked her jaws and looked around, seeing the empty net on the ground, and she looked ahead to see June and Flannery fleeing the scene. She looked down at her belly, which still had Sierra inside, laying down and accepting her fate, and she ran after the two women. Her prey did slow her down, but she was still determined to eat more.
The two women kept up their run, and saw the lioness still coming for them. As they ran, June tripped on her own shoe lace, and fell down to the ground. As she did, she felt a portion of the ground was out of place.
June: Keep running, I've got this.
Flannery looked down at the woman in confusion, but with a big lioness after them, she rather not risk elimination. She ran away, deeper into the jungle, leaving June to fend off Nala herself.
June got to her feet and carefully walked around the trap she felt under the pile of leaves and plants, and she took off her shoes. They were going to get her in trouble, and she couldn't afford that. She threw one at Nala to encourage her to keep charging at her, and she did. June held up her other shoe as if to throw it too, and when Nala came close enough, a trapdoor beneath her broke loose, and she fell down inside a pit.
June looked down into the hole, seeing Nala trying to get out, but her belly was making it a challenge. She could just imagine how Sierra was doing in there, and she knew that if she could free Sierra from Nala's stomach, she would have to. She looked around to see that Flannery was long gone, on which path she didn't know, but she needed to pick a direction, or else be eaten.

Clair and Whitney both woke up in an icy cave, hanging by their feet, which were frozen to the roof by some kind of thick saliva. They heard some growling nearby, as well as some boiling, and they looked to see the Wampa standing next to a big pot with a fire lit underneath it. The thick liquid bubbling from the heat.
Whitney: Crap!
Clair whispered to Whitney.
Clair: Shhhhh! Let's get out of here.
Both gym leaders reached up to their feet, trying to pull them loose, but they were stuck really tight.
Clair saw something red and shiny in the snow, and she reached over to it, really stretching out with her fingers as best as she could to grab the object. Once she grasped it, she pulled it back and saw that it was a Pokéball. She pressed the center button, and out came her Dragonair.
The wampa took notice of the Pokémon appearing and started to make its way over.
Dragonair used her Dragon Pulse to break the ice surrounding the women, and they ran for it, with Clair returning Dragonair to her Pokéball.
The wampa's approach encouraged the two gym leaders to run out of its cave in a hurry, before falling down the snowy hill. When they got up, they both took off in separate directions to get the wampa off their tracks.
Clair headed in the direction of the ice palace they were already headed for, while Whitney went in the opposite direction. Clair felt like the best strategy was to divide and conquer, since the wampa couldn't chase them both.
It wasn't long before Clair did reach the ice palace, and she took a moment to admire the craftsmanship of the place. Although her Pokémon weren't fans of ice, she had to admit that this palace looked beautiful. She went up the staircase slowly, making sure not to slip on the perfectly made stairs, and she went to the door. With a gentle push, the doors opened up, and she went inside to the most beautiful house she had ever seen. Everything was so bright, and so lively, it was like she was standing in a place made of crystal, or glass.
Elsa: Welcome to my home. I didn't expect anyone to come here willingly.
Clair looked up to see Queen Elsa, looking absolutely beautiful in her dress made of pure ice.
Clair: You look familiar.
Elsa: And you look delicious.
Elsa waved her hand, and shut the ice doors behind Clair, sealing them up with her magic, and she walked down the staircase towards where Clair was standing.
Clair: Delicious? But you're...
Elsa: Of course I'm a predator. A special kind chosen for these games.
Clair took out her Pokéball and threw it, but Elsa froze it shut so that the Dragonair inside could not come out.
Elsa: Once you meet me, there's no escape.
Elsa used her ice magic, and Clair was shrunk to a mini size, standing helpless, surrounded by her clothing that fell off when she shrunk.
Clair: Why didn't I see this coming?!
Elsa bent down and picked Clair up, licking her lips, and then giving her body a nice, wet lick, going very slowly as to taste all of the woman.
Elsa: Mmmmmm, there is quite a menu this season, isn't there?
Clair: I wouldn't know, I'm not a predator.
Elsa: Well take comfort in the fact that this predator will enjoy eating you.
Elsa opened her mouth and she put Clair inside, sealing her lips with a smile, and moving her around with her tongue, moaning as Clair's sweet flavor rolled all over her taste buds.
Clair moaned as she found herself helpless to Elsa's tongue, pressing her to one of her cheeks, and licking her boobs up and down with the tip of her soaking tongue.
Elsa giggled with delight, pleased with her first meal of the games, and hopefully she wouldn't be starved. She swallowed her whole, letting out a soft little moan as she gulped, and felt the shape of her gym leader snack traveling down. She loved her slight wiggles as she slid down the soft gullet, and she licked her lips when she felt her vanish past her breasts. 
Clair landed inside of Elsa's stomach, splashing into her stomach slimes, which were surprisingly blue, not green, and she looked around her surroundings.
Elsa burped cutely and patted her soft belly where she felt Clair inside.
Elsa: Little snack, I will try to send more to join you as soon as possible.

In the temple, Marinette and Helen went into another room when they heard the sound of something roaming the halls, tapping claws on the ground. They hoped that whatever it was, it hadn't spotted them, or noticed them go into the room.
Helen: Well, the games are officially heating up.
Marinette: It's hard to tell how they're going since we're indoors.
Marinette's stomach growled, and she frowned to herself.
Marinette: And I'm hungry!
Helen: Didn't we just eat recently?
Marinette: Maybe.
Helen sighed, and then she spotted a treasure chest in the room.
Helen: Interesting.
Helen went to the treasure chest, and felt up the big chest, using her long fingers to stroke as much as she could.
Marinette: Maybe we need to find the key for it.
Helen: No need.
Helen used her stretchy powers to shape her hand like a key, and she put it in the lock, turning it, and the chest flew open. Inside was an electronic device of some kind. Helen took it and turned it on. The display screen showed a map of the game arena, and all of the various environments there. There was a blinking red dot on the beach section of the map. She zoomed in on it, and the signal was identified as Megara.
Helen: A tracker. This should lead us out of the temple and to the other contestants.
Marinette: Great, but which way is the way out?
Helen: We'll just have to wing it. Follow me.
Helen went to the door, pressing her ear to it so that she could hear the outside, and she opened up the door when she was sure it was safe.

Peach and Rosalina were wandering the halls of the temple, Rosalina holding the mushroom they found in the chest earlier. While the two princesses walked through the temple halls, they felt a rumble in the floor, and saw the walls shift a little. Before they could react, a wall sprung up between them, and they found themselves separated. Peach tried to use her butt to smash through the wall, but it seemed to have an invisible barrier to stop her ass from attacking it. With no way to get back to Rosalina immediately, Peach had to find her own way, walking through the tunnel ahead.
On the other side, Rosalina was talking to the wall, believing Peach was on the other side.
Rosalina: Peach? Can you hear me?
"Peach": I'm here, Rosalina.
Rosalina turned around and saw her friend standing before her with a smile on her face.
Rosalina: I thought we got separated.
"Peach": We almost did, but I wouldn't let that happen. Let's go. I'll lead the way, this is like a puzzle we have to solve.
"Peach" walked past Rosalina, and the other princess followed her lead. The Peach imposter smiled to herself, and licked her lips as her back was turned to Rosalina. She was in fact a Ditto, who had been following the pair through the palace since they entered, and was waiting for a perfect moment to eat one of them. She of course would wait for the perfect moment, as she wanted to have a little fun with Rosalina first. All she had to do was keep her away from the real Peach.

Jazz waited in one of the rooms, the door barricaded with a table and a few chairs. After having Serleena sneak up on her and eat her once, she didn't want to take that chance again. It was definitely Samus's doing that she was back in the games, she just knew it, and she wanted to keep it that way.
The door opened, and Jazz stood back, holding up her fists. She couldn't see who was there, but was ready to punch them if they were Serleena.
Misty: What's with all this furniture?
Jazz: Misty?
Misty poked her head up from the furniture.
Misty: Hello.
Jazz: Sorry. I was eaten earlier.
Misty: It's okay, I was eaten too.
Jazz pulled down the barricade, and allowed Misty to walk in, closing the door again, and getting to work on resetting the barricade.
Misty: Where's Samus?
Jazz: I don't know. I got separated from her then eaten by this alien chick. What about your teammate?
Misty: I fell through a trapdoor and got eaten by a huge monster. I haven't seen her since. I hope she didn't fall through a trapdoor after I got out.
Jazz: I don't think Samus fell through a trapdoor. Should we wait for them here?
Misty: Okay. They're bound to turn up soon.

Katara treaded through the hallways as gently as possible, her feet light on the floor as to not set off a trapdoor. Then she heard some tapping on the floor of the station, and she looked ahead to see a large spider-like shadow coming in her direction.
Airachnid turned a corner, purple eyes fixed on Katara, and she licked the corners of her mouth with a long, slimy, metal tongue. It was her first catch of the games, and she was going to have her. She rushed forward at her, ready to gulp her down.
Katara saw the spider woman coming for her, but she braced herself, and as soon as she was close enough, she jumped through the air, landing on her back, and then jumping off and landing behind her. She ran fast as Airachnid turned around and headed for her.
Airachnid fired off a spider web, barely missing Katara, and she fired a few more, sticking them to the walls as Katara kept running from them. She hissed and she charged through the halls on her many legs.
Katara heard the legs getting closer, and she turned around, sliding on the floor as Airachnid passed over her, but Airachnid was quick, and fired a web which stuck to Katara's foot. She pulled in her Water Tribe catch, and wrapped her up with more webs, cocooning her up, and she lifted her to her face.
Airachnid: Such a tasty looking catch.
Airachnid licked Katara's face with her metal tongue, giving her some slime on her face, and she walked away with her.
Airachnid: Sure, I could eat you now, but if your teammate did something that brought you back, I'd lose a meal. I should make sure I have a complete set, or that at least the other one is out of the way, then I'll eat you.
Katara struggled in the web, finding it incredibly tight.
Katara: Help!
Airachnid webbed her mouth shut.
Airachnid: None of that now.
However, Katara was already heard, as the last prey she would ever want to encounter, Samus came to the sound of the voice, and watched the Decepticon take Katara away.

On the beach, Rapunzel and Belle were setting up an SOS signal out of leaves, and whatever wood they could find on the beach. Megara was on lookout for predators from the safety of Rapunzel's hair. With the signal set up in the sand, Rapunzel looked proudly at their work, and she just needed one more piece.
Rapunzel: All we need is something to light a fire of this. If Samus is looking, she should be able to see the smoke, and come after us. Plus, I think it should ward off predators.
Belle: I think there might be something at the docks. Let me go check.
As Belle was about to take off, packages of food came down from the sky, and she decided to stick around, and have a little food before going to get fire. The three Disney women sat near the signal, opening up their food containers and eating together, Rapunzel sharing her food with Megara in case it was something that could help her.
After dinner, Belle went down to the docks, searching for something that could help Rapunzel light the signal. She found a few boats left there in case they needed to get somewhere, and some crates stacked on top of each other. Belle opened one of the crates, looking inside for a lighter, or matches. She looked to see that the sun was getting lower. Soon it would be night, and who knew what would happen then? She thought she heard something moving in the water, and she immediately turned, expecting to see Tamatoa back. To be safe, she just lifted up the crate she found and walked back to the campsite. She and Rapunzel could sort it out later.
Ursula poked her head out from the water, watching Belle take off with her crate of stuff. It probably would've been easy to snatch her up right there, but she liked to think bigger in her plan. After all, these games would be different not just for the prey, but the predators too. She needed a good strategy to fill her greedy belly with as many contestants as possible.

After a safe drive through the city, Asami parked the car next to an apartment building, and she got out with Gwen, holding their food, and entering through the door of the building. They walked through the halls, looking for an apartment that wasn't locked or too uncomfortable to stay in. When they found an apartment that suited their needs, they walked in and shut the door.
Asami: This will be a good base of operations while we're in the games. Most predators won't be able to get in here, and it's better than sleeping in rubble.
Gwen: Good pick, Asami. I'm glad you're my teammate.
Asami: Thank you. Now, why don't we eat? Maybe we'll get lucky and get another special meal.
The two women sat down at the kitchen table and started to eat their burgers. It felt so good to relax and have a good meal while the games were going on. When Gwen finished her food, something did indeed happen, but it wasn't immunity, or drawing in another predator. She was shrunk down to a tiny three inches and she stood on the table, naked and surprised with her outcome.
Asami: Well, it was special.
Gwen: I'm tiny!
Asami: And really cute.
Asami picked up the little blonde and examined her.
Asami: This is just too cool.
Gwen: Would you mind not feeling me up? I'm not into women like that.
Asami: Don't worry, I already have a girlfriend.
Asami put Gwen back down on the table.
Asami: So, now that you're tiny I guess we can't have you going out with all those predators.
Gwen: I'll be fine. They probably can't even see me anymore.
Asami: Yes, which is why they could step on you by accident. No one wants that, so I'll handle any patrols, you can stay in the apartment where it's safe.
Gwen: But what if there's a cure for this that I have to get?
Asami: Then I'll find it. Either way, we'll be knocked out of the games if we both get eaten, this way at least I know you'll be around so that doesn't happen.
Gwen pouted cutely and sat down on the table while Asami looked down at her with a kind gaze.
Asami: At least we don't have to fight over who sleeps in the bed.

Mallow floated along inside the tunnel on a block of ice, enjoying some food on the way over to the next destination. At least she was out of the arctic, where the Narglatches or that big dog couldn't eat her, but there would be new predators for her to avoid. She happily enjoyed her food as she saw light at the end of the tunnel, and she looked ahead to see the city, and she got to her feet, ready to go in there and experience this new stage, and see what she would have to do. Her eyes went to the sky as she saw something flying in it. It was big and orange, and it looked familiar to her.
Charizard came down to Mallow, licking his lips in excitement, and there was no sexy blue dragon to steal this one from him. He grabbed her right away, causing her to yelp in surprise. He lifted her up and licked her face a few times before opening his mouth wide.
Mallow: Oh no! Not this time!
Charizard lunged forward and engulfed Mallow's head, savoring her very sweet, tender flavor. He tilted his head back and took Mallow in with great big gulps, wanting his meal inside of him quickly before anyone else saw. He slurped down Mallow's butt and legs, ending it with her feet, which he gave a nice few licks to before swallowing her whole. When Mallow landed in his belly, Charizard let out a nice, firey belch and rubbed his gut. Now he had a meal that no one could take from him.
Mallow was laying in Charizard's stomach in an awkward position, surrounded by slime, and warm flesh. It was over for her. She had lost.

Sky was hanging out in an alleyway, eating her dinner while she saw the city going dark around her. She didn't exactly have shelter, and she occasionally saw different predators patrolling the streets in search of food. She even had to hide in a dumpster a few times, and now, she wished she had a shower. She felt bad for Bridgette of course, since she saw her friend get eaten, and for all she knew it was her awesome burping power that gave away their position to the dragon. Speaking of that, she felt her stomach rumbling after her dinner, and she did her best to hold in a big burp coming up. Unfortunately, she couldn't contain it in her mouth, and she burped really loud. As usual, she kicked open the dumpster and jumped inside to hide from any predators who heard the burp.
Meanwhile, Saphira did hear the burp, but she also felt something rising in her body. Knowing that it was the result of a contestant finishing a special meal that forced the return of a teammate, she spat Bridgette out on the ground.
Saphira: What a shame, you were delicious.
Bridgette got to her feet, covered in slime and saliva, and she sighed with relief that she was okay. Looking up at the blue dragon who ate her, she took advantage of her head start and ran off, looking for the safest place to escape the predators. She had no idea where Sky was, but for now, she was on her own.

In the jungle, Flannery finished eating her food, before walking off in search of Zara. Thankfully, Nala stopped chasing her for a while, so she had a little more room to breathe. She continued her search for Zara, when she heard something in the sky, and felt a shadow cast on her, and it wasn't from the nightfall. She looked up and saw a dragon, Stormfly, the Deadly Nadder circling above. Flannery ran, expecting the dragon to pursue, but to her surprise, what came next was not what she was expecting at all. She expected Stormfly to come down from the sky and scoop her up in her jaws. Instead, the dragon was still flying across the skies. She sighed with relief, knowing that this meant she had immunity, and she could use this gift to find Zara, and reunite with her beautiful teammate. She ran fast, no longer having to be cautious. She had all night to find Zara, and if it took her that long, she would do it.

The voice of Eris was heard in every stage of the arena that night. All the contestants were tired, either having found a place to rest for the night, or were currently looking for one.
Eris: Congratulations to whoever can hear this message, that means you haven't been eaten. Well, not currently anyway. The first day of the Prey Games is officially over, and I must say, we're all impressed with how many of you are still left. Eight confirmed eaten, but only one team eliminated. We haven't had such a successful first day from you prey in the history of the games. But to those we lost, here is a little tribute to them.
The sky of the arena lit up, showing the footage of Toph and Mallow eaten by Naga, and Charizard.
Eris: Farewell, Team Earth. I guess you were kind of out of your element. And to the contestants still in play, for the night, the predators of the games will be getting some rest, and I recommend you do the same. You'll need your strength for tomorrow, believe me. Good night.

Down on the beach, Rapunzel had successfully gotten two hammocks made for herself, and Belle out of her hair.
Rapunzel: That's a relief. At least we know that Tamatoa won't be eating us in our sleep.
Belle got into the bottom bunk, laying back in Rapunzel's gold hair, and moaning from the comfort. She removed her dress to sleep in the nude for comfort, as she wanted to experience the softness to its fullest.
Rapunzel: So, Megara, which one of us do you want to sleep with?
Megara: Excuse me?
Rapunzel: Not in a dirty way. I'd have to clear that with Samus first.
Megara: Oh, well, I guess you. 
Rapunzel smiled and she put Megara in her cleavage.
Rapunzel: Great choice. I have trouble sleeping alone myself.
Rapunzel laid back in her hair and she snuggled up securely, using some more of her hair to blanket herself, and Megara too.
The three women went to sleep together, and it was pretty peaceful. They didn't even notice that they were being watched from the water by a certain sea witch, waiting for a perfect moment to strike.

On the space station, Katara was webbed to the wall by Airachnid's sticky web, while the spider was out searching for Misty. For all she knew, Misty got eaten by whatever was down the trapdoor, but as long as Airachnid believed she was in the games, she would be safe, or at least as safe as she could be around the Decepticon spider woman.
Samus entered the room, and she looked at the web Katara was trapped in.
Samus: Well, I guess my teammate isn't the only one getting into trouble here.
Katara talked muffledly into her web gag, surprised to see the bounty hunter there in the room, and without Airachnid eating her or webbing her no less.
Samus: I can help you out of there, and we can find the others. I'm looking for my girlfriend, who I know can't be on this station, so if you help me find the escape pods, and my teammate, I'll get you down from those webs.
Katara nodded desperately, really wanting down from the wall.
Samus cracked her knuckles and she pulled the web sticking Katara to the wall, and it came loose, letting her fall down to the floor.
Samus: Now, let's start looking. While the predators are asleep, now is a perfect time to find the escape pods. If we know where they are, we can make a quick getaway.
Katara nodded, pulling the webbing from her mouth, and following Samus out of the web room.

Zara was still walking through the jungle. With no predators available at night, it was the perfect time to find a safe spot. She was confident that she was far enough away from the beach where the Mosasaurus was, so her biggest fear was literally behind her. As the night was dark, it was hard to see where she was supposed to go, and so her feet stepped into something wet and squishy. She looked down, and her feet were caught in a puddle of pink goo. She tried to pull free, but it was really stuck to her feet. This was just like the goo she saw earlier when she was wandering through the jungle. It had to belong to a predator, and Zara had to get free before that predator ate her.
Night is falling on the first day of the games. Will all the teams make it out alright, or will our first true elimination begin?

Don't forget to vote in the journal for who you think is the MVP of the games so far in my latest journal.

Here is how to play your part for the next chapter. Just fill out this little form right here to help make the decisions for next time. When I'm satisfied with the amount of entries, I will tally up the votes.
I know I only got one vote last time, but I'm keeping it up here in case anyone wants to do it anyway. Every vote counts.
Teammate I want brought back:
Contestant I want immune:
Contestant I want shrunk:
Contestant I want to be pursued:

Team Princess
Rapunzel (Tangled) Location: Beach
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Location: Beach

Team Drama
Bridgette (Total Drama) Location: City (Returned from stomach)
Sky (Total Drama) Location: City

Team Mario
Peach (Mario) Location: Temple
Rosalina (Mario) Location: Temple

Mallow (Pokémon) Location: City (Eaten by Charizard)
Toph (Avatar) Location: Arctic (Eaten by Naga)

Team Water
Misty (Pokémon) (Games, not anime) Location: Space Station
Katara (Avatar) Location: Space Station

Team Prime
June Darby (Transformers: Prime) Location: Jungle
Sierra (Transformers: Prime) Location: Jungle (Eaten by Nala)

Team Johto
Clair (Pokémon) Location: Arctic (Eaten by Elsa)
Whitney (Pokémon) Location: Arctic 

Team Damsel
Zelda (Legend of Zelda) Location: Jungle (Eaten by Kaa)
Megara (Hercules) Location: Beach

Team Girlfriend
Asami Sato (Legend of Korra) Location: City
Gwen Stacy (Marvel) Location: City

Team Hot Food
Zara Young (Jurassic World) Location: Jungle
Flannery (Pokémon) Location: Jungle

Team Stretch
Elastigirl (The Incredibles) Location: Temple
Marinette (Miraculous) Location: Temple

Team Plasma
Samus Aran (Metroid) Location: Space Station
Jazz Fenton (Danny Phantom) Location: Space Station


1. Kaa (The Jungle Book 2016) Meals: 1
2. Rexy (Jurassic Park)
3. Goodra (Pokémon)
4. Nala (Lion King) Meals: 1
5. Stormfly (How to Train Your Dragon)

Beach / Ocean:
1. Milotic (Pokémon)
2. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
3. Serpent's Pass Serpent (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
4. Mosasaurus (Jurassic World)
5. Tamatoa (Moana)

1. Ginormica (Monsters vs Aliens)
2. Houndoom (Pokémon)
3. Charizard (Pokémon) Meals: 1
4. Saphira (Inheritance Cycle) Meals: 1
5. Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

1. Alolan Ninetails (Pokémon)
2. Naga (Legend of Korra) Meals: 1
3. Wampa (Star Wars)
4. Narglatch (Star Wars)
5. Elsa (Frozen) Meals: 1

1. Ditto (Pokémon)
2. Palutena (Super Smash Bros)
3. Hydra (Hercules)
4. Velociraptors (Jurassic World)
5. Nexu (Star Wars)

Space Station:
1. Serleena (Men in Black II) Meals: 1
2. Airachnid (Transformers: Prime)
3. The Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors)
4. Rancor (Star Wars) Meals: 1
5. Muk (Pokémon)
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Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Sorry this got cut out I meant to say after my vote please don't make is choose a contestant to bring back
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
If your waiting for a contestant to return then I choose Zelda. But pl
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017
Are you still doing the prey games?
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Contestant I want brought back is Mallow
AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Mallow is gone sadly. She has no team to come back to.
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
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AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Yeah, the whole form needs to be filled out for it to count.
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
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AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
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And about June, I would rather not spoil the outcome for anyone.
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
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AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Anyone can be brought back if they have a teammate left in the games. The list is in the description.
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Mjgrazi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Contestant I want pursued is Gwen
Contestant I want shrunk is Whitney
Contestant I want immune is Zara
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