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Warning: This story contains sexual situations of an unusual nature, and may be disturbing for some audiences. Please read with caution

After a successful deposit of Zam Wessel to the detention center, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan were brought before the council, and were sent on their new missions. Obi-Wan's task was to track down Jango Fett, the bounty hunter Wessel ratted out when Ahsoka ate her, while Ahsoka was to protect Padmé on Naboo until it was safe again.
On a walk through the temple halls, Ahsoka was rather excited for her new mission, as this meant more time with Padmé, and more chances to eat her. Obi-Wan seemed to take notice to her excitement, and spoke up.
Obi-Wan: It is strange. I just got you as my Padawan, and already you're on your first mission alone.
Ahsoka: Yeah, it's pretty exciting, even though it doesn't give you a lot of room to train me, I think the council made a good call.
Obi-Wan: You are prepared to take care of the senator, right?
Ahsoka nodded.
Ahsoka: Yeah, you can trust me. She'll never leave my presence for one moment. I'll be watching her like an anooba.
Obi-Wan nodded along in an awkward fashion.
Obi-Wan: That does concern me a little, given how you handled the assassin.
Ahsoka licked her lips.
Ahsoka: Oh she was a tasty one.
Obi-Wan: Ahsoka, do me one favor and don't eat Senator Amidala while I'm away on Mandalore.
Ahsoka looked back at Obi-Wan.
Ahsoka: But Master, what if she's under attack while I'm protecting her, and the only way to keep her safe is to eat her?
Obi-Wan shook his head and placed a hand on Ahsoka's shoulder.
Obi-Wan: I'm sure it won't come to that. People don't tend to solve all of their problems by eating them.
Obi-Wan walked away towards the hangar of the Jedi Temple, before Ahsoka stopped him.
Ahsoka: Master, wait!
Obi-Wan turned around.
Ahsoka: May the Force be with you.
Obi-Wan: And may the Force be with you too, Ahsoka.

Ahsoka sat on Padmé's bed while she was sitting in the living room, wondering who she should put in charge while she was away. While she was going to leave Jar Jar Binks as acting senator, Ahsoka did point out that he probably wasn't the most qualified, so Padmé had a lot of consideration to do.
Dormé, Padmé's current decoy entered the bedroom, looking lovely, though not as much as Padmé herself. Ahsoka was curious if she could have a taste of her, so she got up and approached Dormé.
Ahsoka: So, you'll be acting as a double for Padmé while I'm protecting her?
Dormé turned around and smiled at the Padawan.
Dormé: Yes.
Ahsoka: It sounds like a dangerous job, especially with this Jango Fett out there.
Dormé: Anything to protect the senator. Her people need her dearly in these times.
Ahsoka: Anything? So, if something wanted to eat the senator, you would make sure they ate you instead of Padmé?
Dormé: Uh, that is kind of an odd way to put it, but yeah. I would.
Ahsoka: Perfect.
Ahsoka licked her lips, and she lunged at Dormé, taking her head in her mouth, and earning a yelp of surprise from the double. She pulled her dress off of her body and gulped her head down, moving onto her shoulders, then her breasts, and she rolled her eyes back.

After another call with a senator to fill in, Padmé decided that she should go and pack for the trip to Naboo. She walked over to her bedroom, where she paused and watched Ahsoka eat her double, Dormé, whose legs were kicking wildly as Ahsoka's tongue licked over her sweet, thin belly.
Instead of running, Padmé was actually very intrigued by Ahsoka's talent. She watched on with interest as Ahsoka gulped and took Dormé's butt into her mouth, sucking on it softly and grinning.
Ahsoka tilted her head back, allowing gravity to slide Dormé's legs down her throat, along with her cute feet, and she took a final swallow. She licked her lips and burped loudly, rubbing her orange belly sticking out and laying in her lap.
Ahsoka: And that's what you should be prepared for Dormé.
Padmé: Sounds like a fun lesson to me.
Ahsoka turned to see Padmé watching her, and she blushed in embarrassment.
Ahsoka: Hi, Padmé.

Ahsoka watched as the Rancor beneath Jabba's Palace devoured yet another traitor, thankfully, this was not a meal that Ahsoka would miss, as it didn't look very appetizing. It was a male Nikto, not known for flavor, so she let the Rancor enjoy the table scraps that Jabba fed it, and the crowd cheered along at this display of ferocious might.
When the Rancor swallowed, Jabba looked over at Ahsoka and smiled at her before addressing her in Huttese.
Jabba: Ashla, come to me.
Ahsoka responded to her code name, and walked to Jabba's side, just as the blue Twi'Leks who rubbed Jabba's belly through the Rancor's meal time moved out of the way.
Ahsoka: Yes, mighty Jabba?
Jabba: Out of all of my bodyguards I have had over the years. You are the one I am most proud of.
Jabba pointed down to the Rancor pit, and Ahsoka looked down to see the monster return to its den behind a large gate.
Jabba: You have done your job well, and not once have you thought of betraying me. I believe that this will call for a reward soon.
Ahsoka: Like, a promotion?
Ahsoka raised her brow playfully, and Jabba let out a deep laugh.
Jabba: Ah, Ashla. I've offered you a better position at my side many times, and you rejected that.
Jabba patted his tummy, and Ahsoka's eyes turned to that.
Jabba: I've even offered you payment for that position recently. Care to explain why?
Ahsoka rubbed her lekku while thinking up her answer. If she used a reason that offended Jabba, the best case scenario could result in her getting fired.
Ahsoka: Who else is as determined as I am to keep you safe?
Jabba: Oh, Ashla, I believe you could do more for me in a different position. You are the most beautiful of all the women in my palace, and share many of our excellent tastes.
Jabba licked his lips, and the few slaves that could understand Huttese looked on in jealousy as Jabba praised his favorite guard.
Ahsoka: Oh, Jabba. I couldn't...
Jabba: Let us discuss business in private. Everyone else, leave at once!
The protocol droid TC-70 translated Jabba's words to everyone else in the room, and the crowd started to leave the palace, leaving Ahsoka, Jabba and the droid alone to each other.
Jabba: Ashla, there is no need for us to hide how we truly feel for each other, now that we have privacy.
Ahsoka blushed and stepped back as the Hutt spoke to her like that.
Ahsoka: Our true feelings? What are you getting at?
Jabba: It is clear, Ashla. I see you watch as I eat my desired prey, and I watch as you eat your prey. We are both above everyone else in the palace, we should both accept that.
Ahsoka hadn't considered that before. She of course liked Jabba a lot, especially with all the time working for him.
Jabba: You have been loyally serving me for a decade now, Ashla. You have proven that you are no mere bodyguard. So why not accept a promotion this time?
Ahsoka didn't want to be a slave. She saw how the slaves lived in the palace, having a life of either having to appease their master, or become food. Plus it would be more like a demotion for her, though she knew better than to upset Jabba.
Ahsoka: Depends on what this promotion offers.
Jabba: An increase in payment, more time allowed off world, more privacy guaranteed.
Ahsoka nodded along, liking how it sounded, but still waiting for a downside.
Jabba: But, here is the most important part. You are no mere bodyguard. You still protect me, yes, but you are of higher value.
Ahsoka looked confused.
Ahsoka: I'm sorry, what do you mean?
Jabba: Ashla, I cannot make you a slave, but I believe I can offer you a more beneficial position.
Jabba licked his lips, and gestured for Ahsoka to come closer to his face.
Ahsoka leaned in, knowing it was best to appease Jabba, than to wait and see if he would have a temper. As she did, Jabba pressed her face to his lips in a slimy kiss, one that Ahsoka returned on instinct, and found herself blushing. She had no idea why, but Jabba's kiss was not as disgusting as a kiss with a Hutt was thought to be. He was actually really good at it, even though Ahsoka had to be careful at moments Jabba would open his mouth so that her head wouldn't fall in. She kissed him as well, her face being covered with slime from the make out, until Jabba was satisfied and stopped.
Jabba: Far better than from any of my slaves.
Jabba licked his lips, cleaning some slime from the corners of his mouth.
Ahsoka smiled and she wiped the slime from her own face.
Ahsoka: I had fun too. Could we...maybe do it again?
Jabba grinned and gestured for Ahsoka to come closer.
Jabba: So you accept your promotion?
Ahsoka nodded.
Ahsoka: I do.
Jabba: Then from now on, you are no mere bodyguard.
Jabba pulled Ahsoka in for another kiss.
Ahsoka is assigned to protect Padmé, despite Obi-Wan's orders to not eat her.

Meanwhile, future Ahsoka gets a little close to Jabba.

Thanks to :iconfirefly212056: for his help.
Cod2017 Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
Really nice story, I was wondering if you could do one where future Ahsoka meets her younger self and future Ahsoka is like a mentor on helping young Ahsoka control her vore cravings
Mjgrazi Featured By Owner May 27, 2017
Not bad also for your prey games the potential predators I named recently are the only ones I can think of sorry
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