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Welcome to another bio for the Prey Games, fans. Today, we will be looking at another iconic stage of the Prey Games, and the upgrades it has, and that is the city arena.

The City
The city is surrounded by the trees of the jungle, but this large piece of land is filled with tall buildings, though mostly ruined by the constant rampaging of monsters and what else. Though it isn't a safe place even if you can find your way inside of one of the buildings. Some of the buildings do contain a surprise inside for those lucky enough to find those surprises, but first, you'll have to get past the predators inside.

Class: Large
Origin: Monsters vs Aliens
Type: Giantess
Ginormica is a very friendly predator, but still a predator nonetheless, she will probably take you back to her place first to hang out before she eats you, but you will still be in her stomach at the end of the day. Well, at least you might get some. Oh, wait, it's on TV, no you won't get some. Sorry.

Class: Small
Origin: Pokémon (Johto)
Type: Fire / Dark-type Pokémon.
Houndoom, it may want a belly rub from you like any good dog, but that belly rub will be from the inside! Being a Fire-type, Houndoom of course will breath fire, and that will be enough to trap you while it goes in for dinner. Don't worry, Houndoom won't cook you, it knows better than to do that.

Class: Medium
Origin: Pokémon (Kanto)
Type: Fire / Flying-type Pokémon (or Fire / Dragon-type depending on the Mega Evolution)
Charizard, the ultimate nostalgic Pokémon, and one that we simply couldn't say no to having in the games. As one of the few predators that can fly in the games, it will hunt you from the sky, and swoop down to eat you up, and that will be a lot of fun for it too. But just do one favor, do not make Charizard angry, it will go on a rampage once you enrage it.

Class: Large
Origin: Inheritance Cycle
Type: Dragon
Saphira, the amazing, beautiful, blue hottie of the...I mean, a really powerful, and wonderful force to behold, especially with her tough blue hide that can reflect the light off of it and dazzle you with color. But if you won't go down easy, she can be a little persuasive so that you have to agree to go down nice.

Indominus Rex
Class: Large
Origin: Jurassic World
Type: Hybrid carnivorous dinosaur
A cross between the two deadliest predators made by InGen, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptor, as well as a variety of other species that were used to give it special features. The Indominus Rex not only has many of the deadly traits of its predecessors, but also the ability to camouflage itself from you, so it could be ready to devour you and you wouldn't even know it's there.

There you go, those are the predators of the city, and a rather impressive display as well.
A detailed look at the city environment
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