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Greetings fans. The third season of the Prey Games aim to be bigger, better, and more organized than previous Prey Games competitions.
In these short bios, I will be telling you all about the arenas of the games this season, and the predators who inhabit them. Each of the six arenas will have five possible predators suited for these environments, and to prepare you for what our contestants might encounter, I am putting together bios for these locations and the monsters that lurk there, once we have predators for all of the arenas of course. Now, let's begin with the temple.

The Temple
Located in the exact center of the map, the temple is a massive structure built to resemble a home to a lost civilization. Surrounding the temple, and inside of it, you may find something of value or help, like treasure or a lost weapon, but you're more likely to encounter one or the predators that live in this stage of the games.

Class: Small
Origin: Pokémon (Kanto)
Type: Normal-type Pokémon
Don't let Ditto's small, squishy, huggable design fool you, this Pokémon wants you to be fooled. Its attack is Transform, which allows it to take the shape of its opponents in battle, and copy their attacks, abilities, and typing. However, the Ditto in the Prey Games have been modified to be able to transform into the contestants, as to take the shape of a friend, and devour them when their guard is down! If you find yourself in the temple, please, keep an eye on your teammate. They could be a Ditto.

Class: Small, Medium, and Large
Origin: A Nintendo video game (I think)
Type: Goddess
Palutena is probably the most dangerous predator to encounter in the temple. As a goddess, she has magic, and knows how to use it. It is only fitting that Palutena can change size with this magic, which is why she fits into all three classes of predator. The only one we know of in the games that can do so. So depending on her mood, she could eat you on your scale, a slightly bigger scale, or become freaking huge.

Class: Large
Origin: Hercules
Type: Greek dragon monster
The hydra is a beast that just keeps coming. If the hydra loses its head, it will grow back with another head or two to join it. In the past Prey Games, the hydra only had one head. Now, it will start with three, to make it an even more challenging creature to get away from. One tip when encountering a hydra, is to get its heads to disagree with one another and fight among themselves, one that will be tricky if you have to outrun it!

Class: Small
Origin: Jurassic Park films
Type: Carnivorous dinosaurs
Velociraptors hunt in packs, and around the temple, they are eager to begin a hunt for the contestants. The velociraptors used in the games will be Blue, Echo, Delta and Charlie from Jurassic World. They usually patrol the outside of the temple, always on the lookout for any prey in sight, but should they have to go inside, they are able to open doors, so escaping raptors will not be easy.

Class: Medium
Origin: Star Wars universe
Type: Big alien tiger
The nexu is almost as aggressive as the velociraptors, and this kitty is so hard to domesticate, that the one in the arena has been declawed to ensure the safety of the contestants. The nexu roams the halls of the temple, always searching for prey, and if it sees someone it wants to eat, it will most definitely go for it. Should you encounter a nexu in the temple, it's wise to find the nearest room and get in there.

That was the temple, and the predators lurking there.
While I wait for you to fill the roster for the third Prey Games, I decided to hype you all up for the season by showing you some more details about the coming season, such as the locations, and the predators we will be using.
Remember, don't forget to submit prey and predators for the roster.
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May 26, 2017
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