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Ahsoka walked through the snowy fields of Carlac, a familiar world from one of her unpleasant memories during the Clone Wars. Long story short, her time on the planet left a really bad taste in her mouth. She was there on a mission to find a lost person, one who sent out a distress signal to the growing rebellion, but that person requested that only a Jedi be allowed to help them. Ahsoka was the closest thing they had, so they begged her to take this mission. Ahsoka walked over to the campsite the person told her to come to, and she remained alert. She sensed that something was off, and she kept her hands at her new lightsabers just in case she was right.
Barriss: Ahsoka? Is that you?!
Ahsoka turned and looked up to see a hooded figure crouched on a rock overlooking the campsite. The figure came down and removed her hood, revealing her face. It was Barriss Offee, Ahsoka's old friend from the war, and traitor.
Ahsoka: Barriss?!
Barriss: I didn't know you were working with those rebels! I'm so relieved they sent you!
Ahsoka noticed the lightsabers in Barriss's hands, which used to belong to Asajj Ventress.
Ahsoka: Really? And what were you going to do if it wasn't me?
Barriss put her lightsabers on her belt and went to Ahsoka, but she backed away.
Barriss: Ahsoka, I know what I did was awful! I know you probably still hold it against me, but you were never meant to be involved in my plot, you just got too close to it.
Ahsoka: That's putting it lightly, considering how you betrayed me, framed me for murder, and a bombing, all so you could prove that the Jedi were violent!
Barriss frowned and looked down.
Barriss: I know, I was blinded by anger, and I let it lead me to do unspeakable things. So if you don't trust me, and I know you shouldn't, at least take me prisoner. If you don't, the Empire will come looking for me, and they will be a lot less generous than you.
Barriss tossed her lightsabers to Ahsoka's feet, and held out her hands to be cuffed.
Ahsoka put her hand on her chin, considering this. Barriss seemed too willing to be taken to a prison after everything she did to keep from getting caught in her scheme. She used the Force to push the clothes off of Barriss's skin, leaving her naked in the cold air of Carlac, and she pulled the clothes back to her. Indeed she found something. A tracking device, and comlink.
Ahsoka: And what would your Imperial friends think if I captured you?
Barriss shivered, and she looked at her lightsabers in the snow. She tried to pull them in with the Force, but Ahsoka used a much stronger Force push to send them flying away, and she grabbed Barriss by the wrists.
Ahsoka: I used to trust you with my life. Now it's sad that I can't trust a single hair on your head.
Barriss: Okay, I'm working for the Empire to learn where the new rebel cells are coming from, but they're the only ones who would accept me after everything I did!
Ahsoka: They don't accept you, Barriss. They're using you to hunt down Jedi. I met someone like you on Radaa, and he made the same mistake!
Ahsoka forced Barriss on her knees.
Ahsoka: But I won't do to you what I did to him. I can't. Not after everything we've been through.
Barriss looked up at Ahsoka.
Barriss: So, you'll let me go? I promise I won't tell them I saw you! For old time's sake.
Ahsoka: You didn't let me finish. I have something different in mind for you.
Ahsoka licked her lips, and opened her mouth to begin the long awaited feast she was meant to have for a few years now. She engulfed Barriss's head, and the screaming Milarian wiggled weakly, but Ahsoka held her green body firmly with her strong hands. She stood upright and hungrily shoved Barriss into her mouth, gulping her into her throat. She moaned and drooled while she tasted Barriss's boobs, and took another gulp to easily slurp in her slim belly. Next she engulfed Barriss's butt, and then sucked down her legs like long, kicking noodles. She swallowed her entirely, feeling her snow jacket rip as she did, exposing her orange boobs and belly.
Ahsoka burped loud, and she rubbed her belly, which bounced and shook as Barriss struggled around inside.
Barriss: Ahsoka! Why did you eat me?! I thought you would spare me!
Ahsoka: I am sparing you. This will finally free you of the dark side.
Barriss: By eating me?!
Ahsoka: That's the only place I trust you to be right now. You might as well stop fighting.
Ahsoka walked away from the campsite, back to her ship, licking her lips in satisfaction. For once, a trip to Carlac left a good taste in her mouth.
My entry for :iconi-love-vore:'s contest.

Ahsoka runs into an old "friend" of her's, but clearly this friend is not to be trusted.
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ShogunGhidorah Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
awesome story. 

I think Ahsoka is becoming more of my favorite Jedi and I should thank you for that
Drewcasey55 Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
Yasss 👌🏼
cardfightvanguard62 Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
Great story :3
i-love-vore Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
Nice story ;)
Added to the journal of the contest :D
AhsokafanboyLives Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
Great to hear. Thank you. :D
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